Lavatickets ranked the top ten grossing concert tickets of all time, and the Rolling Stones stood atop the list, showing the other groups that they can’t always get what they want.

The Rolling Stones and their aptly named A Bigger Bang Tour tops the list as the top grossing concert act of all time. This is huge, people. The Stones grossed well over $600 million on this tour from 2005 to 2007, which is two and a half times more than the highest grossing Michael Jackson concert tour ever, and about a kajillion times more than a Justin Bieber concert tour. Over four and a half million people attended the Stones’ concerts on the two year tour. Not too shabby for a group of guys in their 60s. What’s even more impressive is that the Rolling Stones hold the number two, three, and eight spots on the list as well. The Voodoo Lounge Tour and the Bridges to Babylon/No Security Tour each raked in over $450 million, and the Licks Tour earned over $350 million. With all their concert tours combined, the Stones are multi-billion dollar concert grossers. Stones, you got me rocking.

Coming in at number four on the list is AC/DC and the Black Ice World Tour, proving that fourth place is not just the “also ran” spot on the list. The Black Ice Tour sprung from the band’s 15th studio album entitled, Black Ice. After eight years of missing in action from the tour circuit, AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour was not without its difficulties. The illness of a band member and numerous technical setbacks plagued the group and a number of dates were canceled. Still, five million people saw the band perform on this tour, and they brought in over $440 million in ticket sales.

Irish rockers U2 come in at numbers five and nine on the list. Not far behind AC/DC, U2’s Vertigo Tour brought in a whopping $420 million. On the five leg tour the band played songs from each of their 16 previous albums, to a total audience of over four and a half million people. The 360 Tour grabbed $316 million and the group played to just over three million concert goers. Lead singer and social activist, Bono, continues to use his position to further social causes around the globe.

Girl power! Madonna comes in at number six with her Sticky & Sweet Tour, which grossed just over $400 million. The Sticky & Sweet Tour of 2008-09 supported her 11th studio album, Hard Candy. Not one to shy away from controversy, during her shows she used images of Hitler to take a jab at then presidential candidate John McCain. Though critics gave the tour mixed reviews, die hard Madonna fans turned out en masse to the tune of three and a half million concert goers.

The Police cruise into number seven for their Reunion Tour of 2007-08. Fans and critics alike gave The Police great reviews as this tour celebrated the 30th anniversary of the group.

Near, far, wherever you are, Celine Dion takes the number ten spot with her Taking Chances Tour of 2008-09, grossing just over $300 million and performing to over four and a half million concert attendees.

And there you have it. Sorry, Justin Bieber. Better luck next tour.

About the author: Chris Keenan, a blogger for a broadway theater company, writes on a variety of entertainment pieces.

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