When considering island hopping holidays in the Mediterranean, Santorini is almost always the first place to come to mind.  The mixture of the colors of volcanic rock, blue sea and blue skies make this location one of the most relaxing and beautiful sights in the Mediterranean.  In order to take advantage of all the sights and sounds here in a luxurious fashion, you should consider booking a luxury hotel while on the island.  The following guide outlines the best luxury hotels in Santorini so you can make the right decision when considering your accommodations.

Tholos Resort

Situated in the town of Imerovigli, this hotel combines beauty and atmosphere to give it a luxurious charm like no other.  The overlook of the sea across the cliffs as you rise from bed each morning gives you renewed energy to start the day and enjoy your vacation time here. Terraces and balconies connect the apartments and studios of the hotel, which are embedded into the side of a mountain.  A friendly staff awaits you and will cater to your every need. Also you can use additional resource to learn more.

Mystique Santorini

This hotel is actually a complex of eighteen suites and villas on the side of the well-known Oia Cliffs, giving you unparalleled access to views and scenery in the area.  The entire hotel and its furnishings are hand-crafted: the stone carved suites, the wooden furniture and the aged textiles all go together to give this hotel a rustic look.  At the bottom of it all, you will find a large pool with plenty of sun beds laying around, giving you great views while receiving ample relaxation in the sun.

On The Rocks

For an extremely unique experience, consider staying here; this hotel is built inside the world’s only inhabited volcano crater.  Still, you will enjoy pristine views of the Aegean Sea as you sit on your patio, directly on the top edge of the crater.  While sipping on crafted beverages, you can bask in a beautiful Santorini sunset or take a trip down to the pool and request some live music from the on-site band.  Here, you can also receive massages, spa services and visit the archaeological ruins nearby.


The architecture of this hotel is amazing and resembles the traditional Santorini style: loopy, zig-zag staircases, bridges, cubed walls and beautiful views of the sea.  This hotel has some of the largest rooms of any in the area and offers amazing views of the sky and sea from your own private balcony.  Bleached white by the sun and salt, Katikies is a spectacle to behold and clearly stands out on the cliffs of the Oia.  Lay back and let the staff here pamper you while you relax in the Mediterranean sun.

Vedema Resort

This isolated luxury hotel is actually in the middle of everything, but you would never know it.  Surrounding the entire complex is a wall, keeping its sovereignty in the town of Megalohori.  Some of the suites here even have their own pool, and there are townhouses also available for those needing to downscale their budget a bit.  Themed Renaissance restaurants serve authentic food as eaten in the 15th century and modern Greek cuisine. check links .  The bar also features a fine selection of wines, liquors and beers and the best Cuban cigars.

If you fancy going on Santorini holidays you are sure to have a great time.  If you can, try and book your week away during the Easter holidays – you have never seen an Easter celebration as big as the one in Greece!