Valeria Lukyanova is the world’s living Barbie doll. She has big blue glassy eyes, tiny waist, straight platinum blonde hair and huge breast, dresses, looks and acts like the plastic doll.

Who is Valeria Lukyanova?

Valeria is a 21 year old Russian model and she has admitted to have undergone plastic surgery to achieve her living Barbie doll look. This accompanied with a few hours of makeup time each photo shoot made her the closest to a breathing Barbie this world currently has.

Valeria Lukyanova is currently “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet.” Her page which hosts more than ten thousand images is a favorite page for both fans and critics. Her YouTube channel has millions of views while her Facebook page has tens of thousands of likes which should reach to a million pretty soon due to the attention she is getting.

Her quest is met with mixed reactions including applause, admiration and criticisms, netizens expressed different opinions about Valeria Lukyanova’s quest on becoming a real life Barbie, which as many would agree she already achieved. Some would say that Valeria has a psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder while others got nothing but plain admiration of her beauty and ideology.

One look at her pictures and skeptics might argue that her images are photoshopped, so here’s a video of her for all of you to see.

Valeria Lukyanova on the Web

She is also known with handle or username “amatue” throughout the Internet.

Her About Me page (written in Russian language) roughly translates to this:

“A warrior can not cry anymore, and the only expression of pain is the thrill that comes from somewhere from the depths of the universe, as if one of the emanations of the Eagle was a pain, and when it reaches the Warrior, the Warrior is infinite shivers.

People’s actions do not affect the soldier, because he no longer has any expectations. A strange calm becomes the guiding force in his life. He took one of the concepts of life of the warrior-detachment.”

If you want to stalk, know more about her, or follow her, here are her websites and social media information for you: – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official Website – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official Facebook Page – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official YouTube Channel – VK is a Social Networking site in Russia similar to Facebook

Valeria Lukyanova’s Twitter Account