Every entrepreneur knows that you can’t expect to succeed by just sitting at your desk. Running a business, especially multiple businesses, requires you to be out and about constantly. Sure, there’s a lot to do at headquarters or in your personal office. But the real opportunities lie outside the door and out in the real world. When you’re on-the-go, your wisdom and charm are essential, of course. But sometimes it takes more than that. To survive and help your business grow, you have to be properly equipped. Here are five must-have gadgets for every mobile entrepreneur.


If you’re a modern entrepreneur, you must have an iPad. An iPad is extremely useful for all your on-the-go business needs. For working and meeting with clients outside of the office, an iPad makes it possible without having to lug your laptop with you everywhere. IPads are great because they’re fast, and there’s an app for just about everything you could need. One of the greatest benefits to having an iPad, though, is it just looks good. People take you more seriously when you have the latest technology. You’ll seem more put together, wealthy, and trustworthy with an iPad.


You can’t run your business without an iPhone handy, either. Your iPhone allows you to communicate with everyone from your employees to clients to that family you need to connect with every once and a while, too. Access to your email, text messages, and the Internet in the palm of your hand is priceless, not to mention all the apps that will help things go even more smoothly. Like the iPad, an iPhone is a great status symbol. If you’re not partial to Apple, feel free to substitute the iPhone for an Android version, or even a Windows or Blackberry, as long as it’s a smartphone. Same goes for your tablet.

Portable Printer

Portable printers are excellent for entrepreneurs on-the-go, especially when you’re meeting with potential clients, partners, or investors. Using your iPad, you can draft up custom contracts, invoices, and other documents, and then print them with your portable printer. This allows you to instantly seal the deal, or even just print an extra copy of something you forgot. There are portable printers that look just like portable scanning wands. For portable scanning, though, just download a scanning app.

Car Accessories

There are two gadgets for your car that you definitely need: a GPS and a USB charger. With a GPS, you’ll be able to navigate your way around unchartered territory like a pro. It will keep you from being late for an appointment because you got lost, which would surely be a deal-killer. You can’t afford not to have one. Also, Bracketron makes a neat little USB charger that plugs into your car’s power outlet. You can connect two devices by USB cords to the charger, and you’ll never have to worry about suddenly finding yourself with a dead iPad or iPhone, which could also hurt you at a critical moment.

Busy mompreneur Madeline Sharp never stops moving. Besides her smart phone, she relies on the web’s best grammar checker to avoid subject-verb disagreements. To keep her client base expanding, social networking is a central part of her strategy.

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