Cromimi is a rodent breeding game where you get to breed and raise mice, hamsters, or both. Feed them, take them for a walk, play games, do challenges, even dress them up. The game does have a story line that you follow by completing objectives, though doing so isn’t necessarily required. Places you can visit include the game room, vet, park, store, and your pet’s cage. Your pet’s cage is very customizable; keep it simple, or add rugs, sound systems, candles, curtains, balloons, etc.

This makes the game truly your own from the moment you begin playing. Keep your pet healthy by feeding and watering it regularly, and healing it if necessary. Healing can be done at the vet, if the need arises in the form of an illness or injury to you hamster or mouse. Taking care of your pets is far from the only aspect of the game, however; have fun with it by walking it, playing games, or dressing it up in numerous combinations of outfits. Going on walks not only exercises your pet but also allows you to meet other trainers that help you by giving tips on breeding and training. Training is fun, and it makes your pet faster, and overall better trained. You can increase experience by frequently visiting the game room and vet.

Cromimi also regularly has themed days, where the game is decorated and unique items are available for the corresponding day, such as for Valentines Day.

The best aspect of the game is the team working behind it. They monitor conversations for topics that are hateful, inappropriate, or vulgar. It is a very safe, friendly atmosphere where young ones can have fun without any worry of unsafe or immoral exposure to the internet. That being said, it makes sense that Cromimi is so widely popular; just the French version alone has over two million players.

To help your Cromimis celebrate, visit the Fashion Shop and discover all the exclusive costumes! You can disguise your Cromimi as a sweet Strawberry, a little Lady Bug, Snow White, a ‘famous’ Plumber, a strong Wrestler and a magical Fairy!

Come join Cromimi, registration is easy, as are the game play and rules. Registration does require an e-mail address, but it is not used for commercial use and will not be sold or rented to companies under any condition. Your e-mail address is used solely to send e-mails about the game and about upcoming game events. Come join the fun, friendly, game environment that is Cromimi!

Written by Anna Game, a mice Games fan and pet game developer from London.