Dances are a blast, no matter what year of highschool you’re in. The prom dances, however, are typically reserved for upper class students — juniors and seniors at most educational establishments — and for this reason it’s important that as a parent, you create an incredibly memorable experience for your teen and his or her group of friends. We’ll talk about five of the most important pointers that can help you get your kids’ prom night off without a hitch, and many of them are a whole lot easier than you might have thought. Giving your children a prom experience that they won’t soon is completely possible with the right strategy.

1) Get Your Group Together

Plan a group to go together in advance. Even if your teen has a date, any prom or other dance is made a whole lot more fun by going with a group. Not only does this make the event itself a lot more fun, but it provides for a whole bunch of fun activities that your teen can participate in both before and after the actual dance.

2) Plan a Meal

Decide where your teen and his or her group of friends will be eating, and how. If you can afford it, send your little group of youngsters out to a fun, themed restaurant. The more exciting the evening, the more memorable the experience will be, and the pre-dance dinner is a great way to get this started the right way. You don’t even need to go out for a full-blown meal; a delicious home-cooked meal will do the trick just perfectly, and coming up with a fun or clever theme will make dinner that much more exciting.

3) Go Vintage

Clothes are expensive, and your teen’s prom outfit is no exception. If you’ve got an especially artistic or fun-loving kid, and you’re dealing with something of a reduced budget (or even if you’re not), then vintage prom-wear is a great way to go. Your teen will be able to show off a truly unique sense of style, and maybe even get a few good-natured laughs in the process.

4) Make Reservations

Make sure you plan ahead and reserve anything you’ll need for your teen’s prom night experience. There’s nothing worse than making plans and then finding out someone else has already beaten you to them.

5) Hire Your Ride

Sure, it’s easy to drop your kids off at prom in the old minivan, but how much more fun would it be to hire a limousine or vintage car to take your teen and his or her friends to the big dance? Plenty of limousine rental services offer discounts for students, and vintage cars have a tendency to be even more affordable.

Whatever you wind up deciding to do, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your teen’s prom night is one of the most memorable experiences in the history of organized dances. Most of them don’t even require a whole lot of money — just some creativity and forethought. No matter what you go with, your teens will be sure to have a great evening out if you make sure to follow the right steps when you prepare for prom.