What size bra do you wear? Are you sure? We’re asking because, according to (many) reports, somewhere between 75-80% of women actually wear the wrong bra size. This means that the majority of women are walking around without the proper support that they need. Also, there’s a really good chance that because of this, their clothes are not fitting them in the way that they should either.

So, how do you know if you fit into this “majority rather than minority” category? Well, here are the top five mistakes that women make when purchase a bra.

They don’t get fitted for one. Honestly, probably the biggest mistake that most women make is not knowing what size they actually do wear. The best (and quickest) way to figure this out is to go to a store that specializes in selling bras and getting properly fitted for one. It only takes about 10 minutes and usually, you’ll end up being quite surprised about the cup size that you actually are vs. the one that they thought you were.

They go to “cheap” stores. When it comes to underwear, if you want to “cut corners”, do it with panties, but not with your bras. When you are a smaller cup (like a A or “low” B), you can sometimes get away with the “cutie pie” bras that are sold in stores like Wal-Mart or Target. But if you are a fuller size, you need something that’s made out of durable material. They may cost more money, but they are worth every penny.

They purchase ones that are not practical. OK, the lace and see-through bras? They’re nice for “indoor entertaining”, but when you’re looking for bras that will complement your clothes, comfortable ones that are smooth and one solid color are your better bet. It’s also a good idea to have a little bit of padding so that when you get cold, everyone doesn’t have to know it (if you get what we mean). So, purchase “stay-at-home bras” to your heart’s content, but make sure there are some white, flesh-tone and a couple of black ones in the your bra’s dresser drawer too.

They buy ones that have an ill fit. Say that you’re going out to get some bare necessities Bali bras. Here are some things that you should know: If you’re trying on the bra and it only fits well on the last hook, it’s probably too big for you. If your straps are digging into your shoulders, it’s definitely too small for you. If you have a “muffin top” or the bra cup is gaping at the sides, that’s also a sign that it’s not a good fit. Also, if the bra’s material wrinkles in the cup area, then it’s probably a bit too big.

They buy ones that give them “back fat”. Honestly, this one could fit in the “ill fit category” but it’s so prevalent that we felt that it should stand in a category all on its own. When you’re putting on a bra, you look in the back and you see an extra roll of back fat that wasn’t there before you tried that particular bra on, it’s not the one for you. It will only make you feel uncomfortable and make your clothes look unattractive (especially if you’re wearing something like a T-shirt).

They don’t get a second opinion. When you’re shopping at someplace like Victoria’s Secret or the lingerie section of a department store, you don’t have to feel shy about asking the customer service agent for their opinion. That is what they are there for and they are trained to know what works and what doesn’t. Good bras don’t come (super) cheap and so if you’re going to pay good money for them, you should get one that will make you look your absolute best—to you and to the masses (when you’re in your clothes, of course).