For those of us who never took a single computer science class in college, web hosting issues are the epitome of frustration. Nothing makes less sense than the technobabble that scrolls across your screen when your server isn’t working properly.

For the uninitiated, a web hosting service provides server space to client sites and makes those sites available on the World Wide Web. Depending on the arrangement with the hosting service, clients either own or lease space on the server. If you run your own business and that business has a website, chances are very good that you use a web hosting service to make your site visible to the public. Unless you also happen to have a crack on-site IT team, chances are also very good that you’ve been confounded at least once by a server or web host malfunction.

Customer support professionals who work for web hosting companies confront hundreds of different server problems. Some of them are novel, but most of them are common. Fortunately for the novices among us who want our websites working properly, the most common web hosting problems have common solutions. You don’t have to be the second coming of Steve Jobs to troubleshoot your own web hosting issues. If you’re experiencing one of these common problems, a simple remedy is within your grasp.

Email fail

Many businesses who run their company email through a unique website encounter problems with those email accounts. The most frustrating thing about email problems is that even the smallest issue can cause the entire email address to fail. Before you bring in an IT crew to get your email running properly, check these three common configuration errors: incorrect passwords, accounts exceeding disk quotas and improper account authorization. If none of these problems are present, chances are you are experiencing a server level issue. Contact your web hosting service and ask them to look into why your email accounts aren’t working properly.

Inability to add domains

New clients with no prior web hosting experience often experience difficulty adding new domains to their account. Everything may be running smoothly with your flagship domain, but happens when you want to add to your web hosting account? All of your domains need to have the same DNS. If you’ve changed the DNS and your add-on or parked domain still doesn’t show up on the web, contact your server. As with every web hosting problem, the server is your last line of defense. It should never take more than 48 hours for a new domain to appear on the web if the DNS matches your primary site. Contact the server if you’re still having problems beyond the 48-hour mark.

I can’t log in!

It may sound absurd, but the most common web hosting issue that clients encounter is an inability to access their accounts. The best advice is to look back through your email, including your bulk box, and find your web hosting service’s welcome email. Many clients simply skip over or delete this SPAMish email, even though it contains important information. If your web hosting service can’t supply you with a username, password and/or detailed instructions about how to log on, you may want to compare web hosting services and find one with superior customer service.