An apartment is not just a concrete building of bricks and wood, but it is a place where memories are created. When you move to a new apartment there are several important factors to be kept in check like – what’s the rent, does the apartment meet your requirements, how to find the best moving company in US etc. Here, we will discuss about one such factor that you must consider before moving in to a new apartment and that’s locality/neighborhood.

Finding the right neighborhood can be a difficult task. To choose the right neighborhood some of the factors you may look at are –

10)  For pet owners- Look for parks nearby where you can take your pet for walks.

9)    The look and feel- Visit the locality at varying times of the day. Look out if there are parks nearby. Also observe the people roaming on the streets. You will have an idea about the place by observing the people of that neighborhood. Look out for vacant or abandoned buildings, if you find such building then consider it as a signal that there’s something wrong about the neighborhood.

8)  Check the tourist attractions the neighborhood offers.

7)  Any neighborhood association- Ask if there is any local association of the neighborhood. Learn about their membership fees and their rules beforehand.

6)   If you are planning to change your present job then you check different job opportunities available in the neighborhood.

5)    School- If you have children then check whether the neighborhood has good schools or not. A good school is also a sign of a safe neighborhood. Know about the transportation options to reach the school. Also check how much time it’s going to take to drive to the school. Even if you don’t have children, try to choose a neighborhood that has good schools as this will increase your property value.

4)    Property value – Ask a real estate agent about the value of houses in the neighborhood, the current value as well as their value in the last 5 years. He might also be able to tell you about future development plans in the locality. You can visit the local chamber of commerce or the city hall from where you will get the exact information regarding this. Future developments in the neighborhood will no doubt increase your property value but at the same time increase the traffic as well.

3)    Amenities- Check for availability of amenities in the locality, whether there are departmental stores, grocery stores, restaurants, cinema halls, etc. If there are bars, check out how noisy it can get in the weekend.

2)    Transportation- Try to choose a locality that will be close to your workplace. If possible use the public transport system of the locality for a few days. Check out the commutation options to your office, market etc. Know about the peak times, the rush hour and in general how is the traffic around the area.

1)   Safety- You can do a preliminary investigation by taking a drive around the locality. Look out for warning signals like broken windows, wired fences, frequent ‘beware of dog’ signboards, etc. Besides, online research in search engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google can help you know about the locality. In the search engine, enter the name of the locality followed by ‘crime statistics’. If it’s a big neighborhood then information is often displayed in statistical form whereas if it’s a small place you can expect an overall generalized data. Also visit the local police station. It is the best place where you can avail exact information about the crime rate in the area.