Running a business is no easy undertaking. Entrepreneurship has many rewards, but they come only from hard work, ambition, and dedication. Among the many decisions you’ll have to make while running your business will be this one: What phone number will you use? Computers and email have become ubiquitous in our world over the past few years, but the telephone still reigns supreme. Many businesses choose to establish a toll free phone number for their company calls, and this can have numerous benefits.

  1. Image
    Establishing a toll free phone number can give your company’s image a significant boost. Never underestimate the power of image in business. This is especially beneficial for start ups and home office businesses because it helps to separate business from personal. The toll free number promotes a professional image, the mark of a reliable business. It would be easy to simply use your home phone number for business calls, but when clients see a toll free number the image of professionalism will stick with them.
  2. Portability
    Imagine the hassle for both you and your customers when you change your office or retail location and start using a new phone number. Opting for a toll free number erases this inconvenience by giving you a phone number that is, essentially, portable. Your toll free number can be easily routed to any phone number of your choosing. So if you need to pick up and move on all you’ll need to do is forward your toll free calls to the new number.
  3. Customer Service
    One of the most important aspects of your business is customer service. If the customer’s needs are not met adequately, they will take their business elsewhere. Any business worth its weight should be able to answer customer calls within three rings. A regular phone line can get tied up for several minutes on a single call, giving your other customers no line of contact when they need it most. Establish a toll free number for smart call forwarding and help keep your lines clear.
  4. Extended Reach
    If you want your business to be widely accessible, your customers across the country or even abroad will need an easy way to get in touch. Rather than forcing customers to deal with long distance phone expenses and complicated international calling codes, set up a toll free number that they can access easily without incurring huge surcharges. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to reach you. Always being available is key for business owners, and a toll free number will keep your doors open, so to speak.
  5. Simplicity
    Toll free numbers are shockingly easy to use. Any reliable toll free service can get you a number up and running in no time, and working with your new number is easier than typing an email. With all of their simplicity, ease of use, and other significant benefits, it’s hard to come up with good reasons not to use a toll free phone number for your business.