There are many companies in the Philippines that started from humble beginnings. Most family businesses were established by either the patriarch, matriarch or both. The business grows, and the children join the business…and so, the saga of a family business succession begins.

Josiah’s Catering was established by our parents over 20 years ago. My mother loves to cook and  would cater for friends during the ‘90s. Today, Josiah’s Catering is one of the  most trusted and largest catering businesses in the country. When the second generation finished college, it became “All in the Family.” My brother, Chef Jasper, is the Executive Corporate Chef, and is also in charge of research and development. He receives mentoring from our mother Jet. I am the Pastry Chef tasked to create delightful desserts, as well as to do our marketing, while our youngest, Josiah, (name sake of our business) is in charge of operations.

Your family business will succeed if essential guidelines are followed.

Have a clear plan to accomplish goals.We all work together to introduce innovations in our catering business. We built our brand as the premiere wedding and banquet specialist in the country.

Have a clear Chain of Command. Each member of the family is responsible for his own department. The members of the board collectively make important decisions.

Have good communication among family members. We don’t bring work home. We discuss work-related matters only at the office. The home is a place for us to unwind, relax and bond together.

Our family business is not only a way for us to gain economic progression, but for us to bond as a family, as well.