A regular household vacuum helps keep carpets looking fresh and new, but now and then any carpet will need a more thorough cleaning using a more powerful device such as a steam vacuum. A Hoover steam vac features a steaming action that loosens dirt from carpet fibers before the vacuum removes it.

When carpets need the heavy-duty cleaning action of a steam vac, these simple Hoover steam vac instructions will help bring them back to a nearly new appearance.

Five steps to a steam-cleaned carpet

1) Before steam cleaning, get as much furniture out of the way as possible. This lets the machine get to all of the carpet rather than only the areas that are easily accessible. Large pieces of debris should also be picked up by hand. As a final preparatory step, the carpet should be vacuumed with a normal vacuum cleaner.

2) To work properly, a Hoover steam vac must be loaded with hot water and an appropriate cleaning solution. A bottle of cleaning fluid should come with the package. If this is not the case, a local appliance vendor or hardware store should be able to supply the right product.

To fill the machine, add hot tap water to the cleaning solution tank along with the suggested amount of carpet shampoo–this information can be found in the Hoover steam vac instructions. Use care when filling the machine and be aware of the fill line to prevent overfilling or damage to the device.

3) Once the vacuum is filled, the next step is to start the brushes on the bottom of the machine. Just flip the switch found near the base.

Multiple speeds may be available. The appropriate speed depends on both the depth of the carpet and the amount of dirt in it. Hoover steam vac instructions may contain specific suggestions for particular models of steam vac.

4) To initiate the steam cleaning procedure, hold down the trigger near the handle. This causes the machine to emit a quantity of cleaning solution and also starts the motion of the scrubbing bristles. It also starts the suction motor that will extract the dirty water and send it to the used water tank.

When the machine is running well, move it back and forth over a small area of the carpet. This reciprocal motion makes sure the steam vac covers the entire carpet. When this area is clean, move on to the next bit. Be sure to overlap the last cleaned area to prevent streaks.

5) Once the entire carpet has been steam cleaned, the operator may choose to vacuum over it again to remove any excess water. Then clean the machine by emptying and rinsing both tanks. Do not replace the tanks in the machine until they are well dry. Only then reassemble and store the machine until its next use.

Steam vacuums are a very useful tool that can add years of life to a carpet. Following the detailed Hoover steam vac instructions for the use and maintenance of the device will keep it in shape to clean carpets for many years.

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