What better way to treat yourself during pregnancy than to have a baby shower? Although traditionally these parties are more of an American tradition, they are becoming much more popular around the world, and personally I think all pregnant women deserve a party thrown in their honour! Baby showers are usually organised by a friend or relative of the mother-to-be, so either ask someone to organise one for you or do it yourself!


Fill your venue with balloons, if you know the sex of your baby you could use pastel pink for a girl and baby blue for a boy, or neutral colours like yellow and green if the sex of your baby is a surprise. You could ask guests to draw pictures on the balloons of what they think the baby will look like, based on what you and your partner look like, guests will have fun comparing their portraits and getting creative!

Ask your guests to bring pictures of themselves as babies and use a piece of ribbon to peg these up around the room. Everyone will enjoy trying to guess who is who!


Buffet style food works best at baby showers. Make sure there’s plenty of food to go around. You could go for themed food, such as children’s party food, with jelly, cheese and pineapple sticks, party rings etc, or an English tea party, with scones complete with jam and cream, teacakes, and cucumber sandwiches. Fill some baby bottles with sweets and place these around the room for guests to snack on.

A party isn’t a party without cake, so get creative and decorate your cupcakes with baby themes. Write ‘Baby girl’ or ‘Baby boy’ in icing, or your baby’s due date, or if you’ve already chosen a name, practice writing your baby’s name on your cupcakes!


Serving your guests a glass of champagne is a great way to get your party started, and to celebrate your baby’s imminent arrival. To cut down on costs though, ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine if they intend to drink, and make a non-alcoholic cocktail for yourself and any non-drinkers.


Games at a baby shower might seem a bit cheesy, but playing fun, silly games will help keep everyone entertained and will ensure lots of laughs. Give small gifts such as chocolates as prizes.

Have everyone place bets on the baby’s sex, weight and birth date. Once the baby arrives the winner is awarded the money (you’ll probably be too busy with your new baby to do this yourself, so allocate this job to a friend!)

Keep your guests entertained and get some healthy competition going by making up a baby related quiz. Have different categories such as celebrity babies, questions on the imminent mother and father couple, and a ‘finish the nursery rhyme’ category.

Another game that goes down well is the baby taste test! Get some jars of baby food and blindfold each guest in turn. Get them to taste the baby food and guess what it is (make sure you have a drink nearby to wash the taste away!)

At a baby shower I went to recently the host handed everyone a blank white babygro. She then handed out fabric pens for everyone to decorate the babygro, and write funny messages on to the baby. This went down really well with everyone, and you could take it further by providing buttons, ribbons, and iron on patches for your guests to show off their clothes making skills! The mother-to-be will also get some fab, customised outfits for the little to wear when they arrive!


If you’re planning the baby shower for a friend, ask guests to come up with a funny piece of advice relating to babies.


People love buying presents for babies and opening them (or watching the mother-to-be open them) is a really fun part of a baby shower! If you’re planning it for yourself, and would like to request specific gifts, you can register a gift list at most department stores. Don’t feel cheeky about this, your guests will want to buy you and your baby a gift!

Baby book

Buy a book and ask all the guests to write a message of support for the mum-to-be, along with a photo of the guest and the mum-to-be together. This will be something she’ll treasure forever and enjoy showing the baby when he/she is older. If you’re planning the baby shower for yourself, ask your guests to sign the book when they leave.

This article has been written by Alice who loves finding out different ideas of parties and baby showers. She enjoys playing games guessing baby names and other things about the new baby!