As a skydiving instructor, you’ve arguably got one of the most exciting job descriptions that a person could possibly have. Day in and day out you get to enjoy a massive free-fall as part of your regular experience. What’s more is that by instructing and teaching others how to skydive along with you, you get the chance to truly share and spread something that’s brought so much joy to you in your own life. If you’re already at the point where skydiving is something of an undying passion for you, then becoming an instructor might be a great way to really make some money living out one of your dreams. The path to becoming a skydiving instructor isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it does mean that you’re going to spend a lot of time falling out of planes. That’s no problem for you, though, because you love that kind of thing. We’ll talk about the basic steps involved in getting the proper certification so that you can be a real-life skydiving instructor, and how to really make sure you’re an expert in terms of safety, procedure, rules, and regulations.

The very first step to getting yourself certified in the art of skydiving is to get a ton of experience skydiving, of course. This is one of the most important things — before you even start going through the certification process, you should be able to be something of a natural at skydiving. Make sure you have plenty of experience, because you’ll need it. It’s not that it’s impossible for anyone to become a skydiving instructor — but if you’re a beginner, you’ve got to be patient because you need a lot of experience before you’re ready to try for certification.

Once you’ve gotten good and familiar with just about everything there is to know about skydiving, you can start figuring out what specific aspect of it you’d like to teach the most. There’s a lot that goes into skydiving, and you can decide for yourself which one you want to focus on as an instructor. Once you’ve done this, you can really zero in on it and study up to become a true expert.

After you decide how you want to specify your study, begin training for your certification rating. There are three, the highest being instructor examiner. Coach and instructor are the first two. In the process to obtain one of these ratings you’ll have a bunch of group courses, and there’ll be a lot of rules, regulations, terms, and other fun stuff for you to learn and memorize. It’ll all come in handy, though, as you look towards beginning your career as an instructor.

Make sure you’ve all but memorized the proper IRMs (instructional rating manuals) and other literature that applies to you. You’ll know when you’re ready to be truly certified, whether you’re skydiving Perth or the Grand Canyon. Safety is your number one goal, and with the right training and certification you can be guaranteed to keep everything safe and as fun as it should be.