There are a ton of payday loan companies out there, making it very hard to choose exactly which company to go through. Each with different policies there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each. In the following article we will look at the top 10 payday loan companies.

Payday Loan 90: This website has one of the fastest approval rates out of any of the payday loan sites on the web. With only a short form and a 90 second approval rate, you could have the money in your bank account within 1 hour of filling out the application form and receiving approval. They also offer self-employment payday loans, which can be very hard to come by. Their interest rates are competitive with many other payday loan sites as well.

100 Day Loans: This website offers a fairly quick loan approval time rate, and a competitive interest rate. You must be employed full or part time and have a checking account in order to qualify. Reports of this website would suggest they send out many advertisements encouraging users to borrow again prior to the loan however.

Fax Free Cash: With the same interest rate and approval time as 100 Day loans these options are very similar. Fax free cash allows users to borrow a lot of money however, up to $1,500 deonding on their finances.

NetLoans USA: Offers a flexible payment deadline that can be extended up to 120 days after the date of the loan. The increase in interest on a long term loan is dependent on your credit history, but the option is there. They also offer $1500 but their approval time can take a bit longer.

My Payday Loan: The interest rate and fees on this website are quite high, but renewals can be done very easily through this service. Hindered by a terrible user interface and application process, this website is hard to start with, but once a loan is procured it is very easy to renew.

National Payday: This has a very high interest rate on their loans, but the company has a 12 year history. It is a recognised brand, but actually applying for a loan can be done easier through another service.

Sonic Cash: This website has a quick interface and approval process, with competitive interest rates. The only problem with it is that the first payday loan that a user takes out is limited to $200. Meaning that if you require more money you will have to wait and pay off the first loan, before applying for a larger one. Is a very simple website with an easy application process. It offers options to people with bad credit and can give users a loan within the same day. They don’t offer much of an indication on their interest rates, and information on paying back loans is tough to find. Getting the loan is easy, but comparing it to other services is difficult with a lack of information.

Personal Cash Advance: This is similar to paydayloan, in the sense that much of the fee information and interest rates are not displayed until the user is locked into the service. Receiving money however takes just two minutes.

We give cash: This is an easy to navigate website, but it also displays very little information. If you are interested in comparing services you simply cannot do so on this website.

Hopefully outlining these services can help out someone who is interested in getting a payday loan. With so many options available to consumers, it is tough to choose the right one. This list should help aid in selecting the best company to get an online payday loan through.