Over the last 15 years or so the E-commerce sector has steadily grown in line with technological advancements.  What was once a bolt-on alternative for their customers; has now become a must for most retail businesses.  In fact it is now quite common for new businesses to offer their products through e-commerce channels only.  The ability to open online stores quickly and cheaply on sites such as Amazon and eBay has played a large role in this growing trend and there are now many small home-based e-commerce businesses in operation.  Here we look at the benefits that such businesses can receive from moving location to a self storage facility.

Suitable workspace

Whilst it may be possible to initially run your e-commerce business from home; as sales increase it can soon become problematic with stock overflowing into hallways and the garage.  Locating the exact item you need for an order can prove time consuming and frustrating.  Having your own space in a storage facility means that you can order stock in a suitable fashion; resulting in an effective distribution centre.


Pretty much all of an e-commerce’s capital is tied up in its stock; therefore it is paramount that the stock remains safe and secure.  Storing your business products at home isn’t the most secure approach and a burglary or fire could devastate you on both a personal and financial level.  In comparison security at self storage facilities is now very advanced, with CCTV and 24-hour manned reception areas.

Packaging items

A large part of any e-commerce’s operation focuses on packaging and distributing items.  Most reputable storage companies will have an onsite shop that provides a range of boxes, tape and bubble wrap products that can be used in your packaging tasks.  They may even offer discounts for storage tenants.
Good access

All self storage facilities have extended opening hours, with many offering 24-hour access.  This means that you can start early or perhaps even work through the night to ensure that all orders are despatched on time.

Accepting deliveries

In most instances storage companies will accept delivery of goods in the event that you are not present.  This of course means you will not run out of stock, allowing you meet your commitments on time.

Space on demand

Self storage facilities tend to be extremely flexible in terms of the space that you require.  As a result you can easily downsize or upsize as required with minimum hassle.

Short-term contracts

In the past the storage industry operated using long-term contracts that represented a large commitment from the tenant.  Thankfully this is now a thing of the past and little notice is now required to bring the rental contract to an end.  You will usually be looking at one calendar month; meaning you can give a storage site a try without being tied in if it doesn’t work out for you.

Competitive rates

All of the above benefits are supported by the fact that self storage tends to be very reasonably priced.  This is mainly due to the fact that the providing company faces low running costs as the tenant manages their own space.  It certainly works out cheaper than renting a normal business property to run your e-commerce business from.

If you are looking for a cost effective location to run your UK based business from, then visit Safestore self storage today.