If search engine optimization is to be explained to a novice, it can be summed in two words- link building and keywords. From that definition, getting your website to rank on Google looks like a pretty simple, isn’t it? You pick some keywords from Google Analytics, write articles on it, submit it on article directories and boom, your job is done in a couple of a months. Who needs a professional SEO company then?

If you have been thinking much along the same lines, here is some news for you- SEO concepts are fast undergoing a rapid change. Recently, Google de-indexed Build My Rank, a popular article marketing directory. What that means in essence is- Google is no longer willing to accept websites that are just there for search engine optimization purposes. Thus, a one-dimensional approach of writing keyword rich articles and submitting them on article directories would no longer work.

What is needed is a multi-dimensional approach, with the target of helping your potential customers with useful knowledge while helping your SEO cause at the same time. And that takes a fine balance between targeting keywords, putting out information, link building and other activities.

The fine balance is what is maintained by a professional SEO company. Since a SEO firm is dedicated to the task of getting websites to rank on Google, it would be more aware of the ever changing search engine marketing scenarios. Hence, it is better equipped to handle your search engine optimization needs.

Here are a few more reasons why opting for search engine optimization services of a professional SEO company, is a better bet than doing it on your own:

The advantage of time– The field of search engine optimization and marketing is vast. It needs in-depth study and actual implementation to come to grips with it. Unless you are a professional online marketer yourself, you could spend hours online, studying about the subject. And with whatever little knowledge you have about how search engines rank your website, you could potentially be spending months to get your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo etc. With professional search engine optimization services, the target is achieved much quicker.

No risk approach– Not everything that you read online about SEO is acceptable. There are a lot of people who market black hat SEO techniques, which could seriously dent your online ranking. If you persist with these techniques, Google could even de-index your website for a certain period of time. A professional SEO company, on the other hand, knows how to get your website to the top in a perfectly acceptable manner.

A good network– Link building is essential to search engine optimization. However, with the latest Panda update, Google has shifted its focus from only incoming links to quality incoming links. For getting quality links, you need a good network of people who are influencers in the online world. By hiring search engine optimization services of a professional company, you get to tap into that all-important network.