As The Hunger Games movie looms around the corner, people are already buying their midnight showing tickets and re-reading all of the books in preparation. The Hunger Games was a great three part book series that took America by storm. I hardly know anyone who hasn’t read them all. These books spread like wildfire and became loved by so many. Now that the movies are coming out, people are really getting excited for them. The Hunger Games is a futuristic book about a society with an all-powerful Capitol. In order to ensure their power, every year The Capitol holds a hunger games where two kids from each district have to compete in a tournament to the death. There are many lessons to be learned from The Hunger Games. College students should read these books because they could gain many of the insights from them. Here are some of those lessons to be learned from The Hunger Games.

1. Know your strengths
The main character, Katniss, is extremely skilled with a bow and arrow. She knows this and so she constantly uses it to her advantage. In the books, all of the kids competing must show the Capitol their special skills. Katniss impresses them all with her archery. Just like Katniss, you should know what your strengths are. Whether it’s being a good listener, a good test taker, or a very focused person, play off of these strengths. Develop them so they are second nature. Whatever your strengths are, make sure to highlight them in school. The more you develop your strengths so that they are different from everyone else’s, the better. You will be luckier at landing a job after graduation.

2. Have a mentor
In The Hunger Games, all of the tributes that compete have a mentor who won many years ago. Katniss’ mentor won the hunger games a long time ago and he is know required to mentor her. Her mentor is a washed up old man named Haymitch. At first, he seems like he is just a drunken old man who is not going to help but when he saves her in the arena, Katness knows she can depend on him. Find someone like that while you are in school. Find a mentor who you trust and who has plenty of experience. You can really learn a lot from a person who has already been where you are. Having a mentor is also a great start to networking.

3. Stay true
Katniss is a great example of someone who stayed true to herself throughout a difficult situation. Sometimes when people go through tough times, they do things that they wouldn’t normally do. College students may major in something that they don’t really love. Pressure from parents or teachers can make students not really do what they want but what others want them to do. Throughout the hunger games, Katniss stays true to herself. When she is presented with an opportunity to kill a young girl, she instead becomes allies with her. She never falters and always does the right thing. Remember Katniss as you get yourself into stressful situations. Stay true to yourself and don’t let others tell you what to do.

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