When people decide to move from one location to another, they need to make sure certain people and organizations are informed of their new address. A change of address can usually be completed by filling out forms provided by certain agencies.

The USPS Form

The most common form filled out for a change of address is the one provided by the post office. In many instances this form is actually an index card with areas left blank for the individual to fill in. This card is used to stop and start the delivery of mail at the different addresses. In order to have the mail stopped at the current address, the person simply fills in the date they would like delivery to cease. They also need to provide the address of both their current location and the one they will be moving to. The date of when to start delivery at the new address also needs to be provided on the card.

The form provided by the post office is available at their locations and also online. The form can also stipulate who the change pertains to. This makes it easy for one family to move out of a house and have all of their mail sent to their new location without disrupting the mail delivery for other family members who are not moving.

Government Forms

In addition to the form provided by the postal service, there are also forms available through the government. The two most common forms used for government agencies are the social security and voter registration forms. It is important for people to notify the social security office of the change in their address. This applies to people who do not currently receive any benefits through this agency. The social security office periodically sends out updated information pertaining to a person’s eligibility status for benefits.

The voter registration form can be found on the government website by searching under the state of residence. Government forms are available as free documents anyone can download and print out from their home computer. Additional government forms available for address changes could include some military forms as well as forms for civilians working in military offices.

Additional Places to Notify

The forms used for change of address only apply to the agencies they are used with. Filling out a change of address card at the post office, will not alert people or organizations of the new address. Schools, medical facilities and other organizations will have their own forms available for filling out. While most of the information these places retain, can be transferred to new facilities, they still need to have the new addresses.

Other notifications can include subscription services. Magazine subscriptions will need to be changed as well as those for newspapers. Other delivery services could also be notified if the relocation is going to be within the same area. Cable or satellite services as well as utility services will need to be notified of the change in address.