Making ends meet is not easy as it once was. In order to stay afloat and pay all the bills and maybe have money for a couple of extras you need to be constantly on the lookout for ways to earn some extra quick cash. This way you can compensate for the bonus you never got and the raise that was scaled down. The good news is there are still many great ways to earn some extra cash easily. No, you won’t be able to quit your day job with these ideas, yet it will help you out a little.

I have encouraged many people to sell their gold. The value of gold is at a record all time high. You will be surprised at how much cash you can earn from gold and silver that is just lying around your house. No you don’t need to sell gold jewelry you still wear. These days, people are definitely wearing less and less real gold jewelry. So many people are turning towards fashion jewelry. However, take a look around your house and put together the jewelry you no longer wear, the silver you no longer use and the coin collection that is collecting dust. You can sell gold that is broken and tangled, or the earring that are missing a pair. If it’s gold you can sell it for cash in return. It’s a quick an easy process, just be sure to shop around and get the best payout possible.

The same idea works with other items around your house that you no longer need. Why not sell the items that no longer have value to you. What is junk to you, is another person’s treasure. Your old toys and clothing can have tremendous value for someone else. So can furniture and other odds and ends. You can sell these items through a garage sale or online on sites such as eBay or Craig’s List. The best part of it is that you will find yourself to be organizing your home at the same time.

You can also make money off of your hobbies and talents. If you have a passion for woodworking, why not turn that hobby into a money making gig? You don’t have to let it take over your life. You can just go about doing it as you please, make some money from something you enjoy anyways. Maybe you know how to bake fantastic birthday cakes. You can advertise online or through the local paper and watch the orders start to trickle in.

Are you a science whiz? Perhaps you are a math pro? Maybe you are a very talented pianist? Then, why not become a tutor or a teacher. Transform you knowledge into a paycheck. Just start advertising where parents are likely to look, like on the school board or newsletter and pretty shortly you will have a long client list. Take a look around you. Use the talents and skills at your fingertips to earn some extra cash at hand in order to be a little more at ease and a little less dependent on your paycheck alone.

Mark Rich is a business consultant for He highly recommends selling your gold as a way to earn some extra cash. He has assisted so many at earning extra cash easily.