There has been a battle between Mac addicts and PC enthusiasts for some time. Many Mac users and PC users have drawn a clear line in the sand, creating an” us versus them” mentality; to these folks Mac owners and PC owners are intrinsically different types of people. All of that rhetoric aside, Macs and PCs are pretty similar, but they are quite different in a lot of notable ways. Many of these differences are what help to make Macs better than PCs. There are a lot reasons why Mac is better than PC, but the following are just five notable reasons why my Mac is better than your PC.

1.) Faster Boot Time

Booting a Windows PC can sometimes be almost painful. Even though a minute or two doesn’t seem like a lot, it is ages compared the incredibly quick boot times for Mac OS X systems. The older your Windows PC is, the more time you will wait for a reboot, and for older operating systems, there is just nothing you can do to speed things along. Most OS X macs can get up and running in under 30 seconds flat. From pressing power to using your computer, Macs leave your PC in the dust. You probably feel fortunate if you can get your Windows based PC ready to rock and roll in under a minute or two.

2.) Safer

Macs used to be safe from malware, viruses, and other threats, but that isn’t the case anymore. As more and more folks realize how much better Macs are and convert, more and more criminals have started to create malicious software designed to attack Macs. That being said, there still is exponentially less malware designed to infect Macs than there is for PCs. You are much, much more likely to end up with a parasite on your computer if you are running a Microsoft-based PC. With a Mac, the odds are exceedingly low, and with a little antimalware protection, you can rest much easier than your PC-using counterparts.

3.) You get more

When you get a new PC, you have a pretty bare-bones system. Most of the software that comes preloaded is pretty basic (solitaire anyone?), or you only have free trials of the programs that you really, truly want and need. If you have a Mac, you may have everything you need with few instances where you have to purchase additional apps. Macs give you iPhoto, iCal, and more right out of the box, letting you get computing even quicker without having to shell out more money.

4.) Better community software

As you start needing more apps, you are in a much better position as a Mac owner to get quality, free applications to use. You may not be able to get anything and everything for free, but you will find, for the most part, that these apps are functional and professional. Additionally, they are also safer. Many PC freeware programs are teeming with malware, spyware, and adware; there are less of these threats for Mac, so there are less of these creepy crawlies hiding out in your free apps.

5.) Aesthetics.

Sure, looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to computers. When talking about technology, inner beauty really is the big deal. Your PC is probably ugly as sin on the outside, but the guts are what really makes it something special. With a Mac, however, you get the whole package. Macs are marvelous because they are lovely inside and out. Macs are aesthetically pleasing machines, even before you power them up, and once you see that wonderfully designed OS you realize that your Mac is absolutely gorgeous.

Frederic is a software reviewer, guest blogger and a member of mac how community.