It’s going to be Halloween in a few weeks and you know what that means. Halloween parties! There are some Halloween parties that require costumes and there are some that don’t. If you know you’re going to a Halloween party that doesn’t require you to come as Frankenstein’s bride or a funky witch; that would be way easier, right? Well, not really. You’d have to choose a party dress that can be vampy even if it’s not costume-y. In other words, choose a dress that will have some sort of dramatic impact.

Color is a prime consideration when you’re going for ‘drama’. And nothing is more dramatic than 3 particular colors.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple

Go for a solid-colored party dress if you’re going for maximum impact. Prints will simply be too busy to be dramatic. If there must be some leverage to the dress, let it be in the cut, silhouette and an extraordinary detail. Remember, vampy means sleekly sexy with dark undertones. Sweet and nice is as far removed from the vampy look as possible.


Take this sleek black dress. The cut is sleek, but the secret is in the details. This suggests asymmetric in its artful cut and strategically placed strips and straps. The look suggests ‘bondage’ which is quite a trend down fashion runways for fall. You don’t want to go hardcore however with the dominatrix look, especially if it’s for a Halloween office party that doesn’t require you to don a costume. If you want to up the ante, you can simply create drama by coming in a big, lush hairstyle with waves down your back. Plus, you can try back-combing the hair at your crown for more volume. Accessories can also heighten your Halloween look so choose earrings or bangles in combinations of black and silver for a sophisticated vibe.

You can go as a dark siren in this starkly simple reddish black dress with a side slit that exposes one sexy leg. It is also cut quite close to the body, emphasizing voluptuous curves. This is an understated sleek dress that simmers in its sexiness. It also screams femme fatale, a type of powerful female who leads men to their doom. So it’s indeed appropriate for celebrating Halloween without donning a costume. Tall heels go very well with this reddish black sheath. If they’re closed and pointy with stiletto heels, so much the better. This will add length to your gams and give you that sexy walk. It would be good to note that with such a look accessories should be on the down low. A pair of extraordinary earrings would be enough for an accent.

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Why wear purple to a non-costume Halloween party? Well, why not? Purple is simply a color too delicious to resist. And no matter what skin tone you have, purple will simply bring out your glow. Most women would probably go for black and red for Halloween parties, and if you’d want to stand out, purple is it. Do a Nicole, Kirsten or Blake. Go with a purple dress with one noticeable detail. It could be a flow-y sleeve, a unique cut and drape, or funky sleeves.