Collecting beautiful porcelain dolls brings much delight to their collectors with pastel colored costumes and graceful faces. Along with the happiness these dolls bring also comes the great responsibility of taking care of them and maintaining their valuable beauty. As a first time collector you shouldn’t be intimidated as once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic knowledge about porcelain dolls and ways to take care of them; you’ll surely find yourself enchanted with your new found hobby!

The first thing to consider is your own taste and style in dolls. The beauty and flawlessness of porcelain dolls aren’t just confined to antique or Victorian dolls anymore! Porcelain dolls are now being reproduced in hundreds of different styles and designs. There are princess, fairy, toddler and adorable baby dolls that all come in porcelain. Determining your own taste in dolls will make it much easier for you to choose among the hundreds of choices on the market.

Once you have determined the type of porcelain dolls you would like to collect you can begin to build your collection. But before starting your collection, research and read more information about porcelain dolls. One of the easiest ways is by going online and chatting with fellow doll lovers and collectors. There are numerous communities for doll collectors and most of them are very experienced and will surely be glad to share their knowledge about porcelain doll collecting.

Porcelain Baby Dolls

Decide on a place where you would want to display your collection. It is advisable to keep them in their boxes they are protected from harmful elements such as dust and sunlight. Some porcelain dolls come in pretty collector boxes making for a nicer display! If you have any pets or children in the house, keep your collection in a safe place, like a built-in cabinet so they are out of reach.

The most important thing to learn in collecting porcelain dolls is how to take care of them and maintain their beauty. Keep the dolls out of direct sunlight for the sun’s harmful rays can fade the color of the doll’s costumes and dull the skin coloring. Cleaning your dolls is also important. Use a soft duster to clean them from dusts and use a can of compressed air to clean the smaller crevices in the doll’s features.

Porcelain dolls are more than just collectible items. They are treasures that make anyone smile. Share the beauty of your dolls by preserving them now. For more dolls visit!