As the years pass, mobile devices — particularly smartphones — are growing exponentially in power. A few years ago, no one would have dreamed of being able to edit or produce video on a smartphone. Most laptops wouldn’t even be able to handle a video editing suite. Today, there are enough mobile apps for video editing that they can be pruned down to make a list.

1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s desktop video editor, made for a mobile device. It has all the basic features you’ve come to expect in video editing, like adding music and transition effects, basic video editing and trailer production. You can even share directly from the device to Facebook, Youtube or a selection of other sites.

2. iSuper8

iSuper8 emulates the past era of Super8 cameras. It allows you to set the framerate for videos to 12, 18 or 24 frames per second — perfect for that old-time feel. It also applies a filter to every pixel of your video, giving every frame a unique old style look. This app is essential for producing vintage-looking videos.

3. Vyclone

Vyclone is essential for shooting the same scene from multiple angles without needing multiple takes. It checks your GPS location through your smartphone and scans the local area for other people shooting in the same area. The resulting multiple angles allow video from up to four iPhones to be edited together easily.

4. VidTrim Pro

Every feature that iMovie provides to iPhones, VidTrim Pro provides for Android devices. No longer do Apple devices have the monopoly on mobile video editing. VidTrim Pro allows any Android device to edit video on the fly, complete with Youtube, Facebook and other sharing capabilities. VidTrim Pro also includes a screen grabber, which lets you easily pick a frame to save as a still for promotion.

5. Viddy

Sometimes you don’t want to edit an hour and a half long movie on your smartphone. For those who need something much shorter, Viddy is the answer. As an app, it’s specifically designed to edit clips no longer than fifteen seconds. Viddy provides a number of filters and effects to add to your video and one-click sharing for social media sites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

6. Videolicious

Videolicious isn’t a wide-range video editing suite. Instead, the app comes packaged with a variety of tutorials and step-by-step instructions, as well as video ideas. The goal is to easily allow you to take videos from your iPhone library and turn them into short product reviews, thank you notes, or whatever else you might want to use your video for. Perfect for NJ Internet video advertising or other uses.

7. Lapse It Pro

Lapse It Pro is packaged with a bunch of video editing functionality, but its primary purpose is to allow you to use the Android phone to take, save and edit time-lapse videos. It can render the resulting video in a variety of formats, apply a number of standard video editing effects, and share easily on all the social networks.

8. AndroMedia HD

AndroMedia is the Android’s most fully functional and robust video editing program. It offers nearly all the video editing functionality you could expect out of a desktop suite. You can add effects, create transitions, overlay title cards, fade in other clips and more. It even allows exported video in standard or HD, in a variety of formats. Of course, no mobile video app would be complete without the ability to share to social networks.

9. CinemaFX

As the name implies, CinemaFX is a suite of video effects you can add to your videos — 55 of them to be exact. Up to three effects can be stacked at any one time over a segment of video, allowing crazy chaos or subtle editing in equal measure. Previews are side-by-side with the source, and the resulting video can be uploaded to Youtube easily.

Image Credit: DaveLawler