We all know you save bundles of money by doing many of your home renovations yourself. For the sake of safety or difficulty, however, there are certain jobs we know are best trusted to the professionals.

Choosing someone to hire for renovation help isn’t always easy. There are problems lurking ahead if you’re not careful.

Hiring Problems Are Avoidable

Numerous issues can arise when you use hired help. Many homeowners wind up with unfinished jobs, work far below par, or projects that take much longer to complete than originally agreed on. Unfortunately for the homeowner, many crews and independent contractors may prove untrustworthy.

Other types of problems can occur as well. If the renovator you hire or any of his crew is dishonest, you may find yourself missing some valuables. Less drastic, you could simply wind up with men who are disagreeable, rude, and crude. The kind of men you would prefer not to have around your children. While these risks are quite unattractive, there still remains great advantages to hiring for certain projects. If the proper safety measures are taken beforehand, there is a great chance one can avoid these problems before they take place.

How to Steer Clear

Caution is always advised when hiring people who will have free access in and around your home. You want to protect your money, your family, and your home from avoidable crisis. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you get honest, skilled workers to do the job right:

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends, family, or colleagues who have had renovation work done recently, ask them for referrals. Find out if they would hire this person again. What type of work did they have done? Did they feel the cost was fair and the project done in a timely manner?

Don’t hesitate to go the online route as well. Although there is a small fee to use Angie’s List, you’ll feel more confident hiring someone who has received a high approval rating by other customers in your area. The service providers cannot pay to be accepted on the list, only consumers are able to provide ratings. The cost is $10 to join Angie’s List and $5.95 a month if you choose month-to-month billing. You may select an annual membership that costs $47 a year, which provides significant savings. This small fee could end up saving you thousands in the end.

Get Estimates from Several Sources

It’s always a good idea to get estimates from more than one candidate for a job. Be up front and let the potential worker know that you are comparing bids. When he knows he’s in competition for a job, he’s more likely to give you his best price. Remain cool and confident in the midst of a pricing discussion. The customer should have the upper hand.

Request References

Ask candidates for customer references from people whom he has done work similar to what you need done. Be sure to follow up with the names he gives you. You should also ask to see his license and insurance for jobs like wiring or plumbing. Cover all the technical and personal bases to get as clear of an idea of the person as you can. Follow up on reference calls, and write down questions beforehand to ask the former customers.

Get it in Writing

Draw up a contract that shows the price, describes the job, and includes a start and finish date. Sign in the presence of another person(s) and get it notorized for proper documentation.

If there are any guarantees, have them included in the contract. Even though you may prefer to do it yourself, some home renovations are too time consuming or technical to tackle on your own. Take a few extra precautionary steps to protect yourself from entering a renovation nightmare. You, your family, and the wellbeing of your property will all be better in the long run.

Kelli Thompson is a key part of the newest name in luxury group discounts, LuxeYard. She is also a prolific blogger and guest writer.