When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have the right tools of the trade. While there isn’t any kind of official entrepreneur’s tool kit, some entrepreneur somewhere is probably working on something like that. If you want to grow your business in this day and age, there are some things that just aren’t optional anymore. The following are five of those things, if only because entrepreneurs rarely have more than one hand free at a time.

Reliable Web Browser

If your web browser doesn’t work well and keep track of downloads and apps easily, you need to junk it. There are simply too many options on the market right now to accept anything less than an awesome browser. You just don’t have the time to devote your day to messing with slow browsers that don’t give you plenty of time saving options and convenient apps to work with.

Online Faxing Tool

When you can fax documents online, you open up a lot of options that haven’t existed since the land line was a popular option. With a good online faxing utility, you can send and receive faxes immediately, without having to mess with opening potentially corrupted email attachments. A process that used to take half an hour can now take two minutes, and the other 28 are needed on another project, stat.

Smart Phone

While there are plenty of people who think smart phones detract from an entrepreneur’s mission, the counter argument is very compelling. These days, a smart phone is the personal assistant you can fit in your pocket. When you have thirty meetings on a fairly boring day, you need to keep things streamlined or you’re going to fall behind. A smart phone can always be set to not ping every time an unimportant message comes through, but it’s impossible to use what you aren’t carrying.

White Board

White boards are a pretty low tech tool, but they’re so useful it isn’t funny. When you have a big white board ready and waiting for you in the office and at home, you can plan a lot of things as the brain storm hits. Forget about trying to scratch down ideas on cocktail napkins. A very simple, fairly cheap white board will see so much use for your next great idea, if not the next thousand great ideas, that it will pay for itself more times than a great pair of walking shoes.

Online Backup Utility

The worst thing that can happen to your great ideas is having them be lost forever. With a good backup utility, this will never happen. Backing up things automatically is worth whatever you have to pay for it, because every idea is loaded with gold.

Entrepreneurs have a lot of stuff these days. But when all is said and done, there are only a few really precious tools. The above are many of those tools, and being without them is being unprepared.

About the Author: Marlin Blackham is a business consultant who often mentors young business owners. He always recmomends a good Smart Phone, an online fax service, and reliable database backups – no matter what the line of business.