Moving your yard furniture can be a bit of a hassle, unless it is already in storage. But since most large scale moving jobs are scheduled for the summer to avoid the perils of bad weather, you will probably be faced with the need to pack your yard furniture and equipment outside. Now this shouldn’t present too much of a problem, since this type of furniture is designed with portability is mind anyway. However, it is still quite bulky and not typically easily packed. This article will offer a few simple steps and rules to packing the garden furniture and equipment, which will hopefully make your life a bit easier.

1. Generally, these types of items are very difficult to repack, unless you hold on to the original boxes, bags and Styrofoam fittings. Not only that, but reusing boxes is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying all new packing supplies, so this is probably your best option.

2. Start with the easier bit first. This will probably be the yard furniture. The cheaper options for this type of furniture are either sets of plastic chairs or tables, or ones that come in parts and have to be put together and, respectively, taken apart when you move out. Whatever the case, you will need to wipe down the pieces with a damp cloth and leave them in the sun to dry before you do anything else.

3. After you’ve done this, plastic chairs should be put on top of each other and simply covered with a plastic sleeve to protect them from damage. After this they are ready to be loaded on.

4. If you’ve got another kind of yard furniture, the task will be a bit more complicated. First you will need to take off any fabric covers or cushions, launder them and wrap them in plastic – they will go in the box along with the rest of the parts, on top of the pile of chairs or even along with your bedding. Afterwards, you need to follow the instruction manual and take apart your yard furniture. Remember to put any nuts, bolts and other small pieces in a plastic bag, so that nothing gets lost. Then you should pack the wooden or plastic pieces together in as few boxes as possible, making sure to fill up all of the available space and packing everything in a way which prevents the items from shifting and breaking. You will need a toolbox for all of this.

5. You will also need to pack any gardening tools, including hoses, sprinklers, etc. Uninstalling them will be a bit of a tricky job. This is why, unless you have special plumbing expertise, it will be better to hire a plumber to deal with this part. The service really doesn’t take much time and it will not cost you too much. All of these parts then need to be put in a box along with the rest of the gardening tools. As always, try to utilize the space as best you can. Keep in mind that hoses for example should be coiled and tied up, so that there is no chance of them moving during the trip.

6. If you have a barbeque, you should pack it last. This is a fairly simple task, if you just read the manual and follow it exactly.That way packing and moving yard furniture and equipment would be as easy as pie.