The question many house movers ask their mover is what they should expect on the moving day. The truth is the answer varies just like households differ from one another. However, it is good to be aware of any specific tips to follow on the moving day. After you are all packed and ready to go, waiting for the movers, it’s better to know that you are doing things the right way. Many people prepare for months and still find the moving day stressful, disorganized and different from what they have initially expected. If you don’t want this to happen to you, here is what you should expect on this big and important day. Don’t forget that the more you know of the entire moving process, the easier it will be to ease the stress for everyone.

Here are the things you shouldn’t forget to do on the moving day.

  1. Save enough parking space for the moving truck This applies no matter whether you are hiring just the truck or a truck and the movers. The space for parking should be available and ideally, as close to your home as possible. Make sure you notify your neighbors a few days before and remind them if necessary. Since most moves are done at the weekend chances are there will be much more cars on the parking lot than usual. The truck needs to be parked close to the house or the building your flat is in. Any obstacles on the way between the truck and your house will mean an extra charge for you. If you are loading the truck yourself don’t overestimate your abilities for carrying heavy-loaded boxes a long way.
  2. Tell the neighborThis point has already been mentioned, but it’s worth remembering its importance and really finding the time to do it. One of the reasons is the space for the truck, but there is more to that: the hallways, the stairs and most probably the elevator will be blocked and used throughout most of the day. Add to that the noise and you are looking at not a very friendly scene. If this is done at the weekend your neighbors won’t be happy at all, so at least be considerate enough and notify them.
  3. Have enough cash On the moving day you will need to tip the movers so make sure you have cash on hand. Other things you might need money for include: snacks, drinks, fuel for your vehicle and any last minute purchases.
  4. Follow the instructions of the movers A common mistake on the moving day is assuming that if you just follow your checklist you will be able to manage well. Having a checklist is highly recommendable, of course, but the people you should listen to are the movers and their supervisor. They are the people who have moved hundreds of homes and offices and their instructions are the rules.
  5. Organize your family The moving day will come faster than you think. Ensure that your spouse, teenagers and pets are ready for the journey to the new location, everyone has their essential bag and everything is packed and ready to be loaded too. Any delays on your side may cause you an extra charge.

These are the basic things that you can expect to happen on the moving day and what you need to do in order to guarantee a smooth and damage-free house removals London .