Apartments can be a strange thing. You may move into a complex that seems perfect for you and your family. You may even enjoy the apartment for a few years, but then things start to go wrong. How do you know when it’s time to pack up and move to another apartment? Here are just five signs you should leave your current apartment.

Your Landlord Is Unreachable

A landlord should be on call 24 hours a day. If the water heater bursts, he should be there to cut off the water before your possessions get ruined. If you cannot reach your landlord when serious issues arise, you need to start looking for another apartment.

Repairs Go Unfixed

Repairs should be made in a timely manner, no matter how small they are. If your landlord keeps blowing you off or saying that he’ll “get around to it” you need to find a new apartment. Reread your lease and see what you agreed to. If the contract said that repairs would be fixed within so many days, you may be able to break your lease without paying any fees.

The Rent Keeps Increasing

It’s normal for rent to increase due to inflation. A landlord may also increase rent after adding something you’ve requested (such as air conditioning) to the apartment. However, if the rent keeps increasing, while the living conditions keep decreasing, you need to find a new apartment.

Bad Neighbors Are Moving In

Your landlord may begin to have trouble keeping the complex filled due to his poor management skills. This means that he may start renting to questionable people. If you begin to feel that your neighbors are dangerous, or may break into your apartment, you need to look for a new apartment to rent right away.

The Area Becomes Dangerous

When you moved into the complex the area may have been wonderful. However, the poor economy could have caused the area to become run down and dangerous. If there are more break-ins occurring or if people are getting mugged – or worse – you need to move out as soon as possible.

There comes a time when the apartment you’re living in isn’t right for you anymore. It may be a bad landlord or changes in the neighborhood. Either way, it may be time for you to move on to another apartment that meets you and your family’s current needs.

Solomon Bonaguidi lives near the University of Texas in Austin and owns his own rental property. When he was a student, he was amongst the masses looking for cheap UT apartments and having difficulty with landlords and neighbors. Do your homework before you sign any lease and you’ll be more than happy.