Historic Forts from within Malta are certainly something to behold. You will of course experience a past which takes you back to the way things used to be and in seeing such forts you will also experience Malta in a completely different light. There are of course 6 main forts in Malta and all in fact uniquely positioned and each with its own history.

Fort Saint Elmo

Fort Saint Elmo is one of Malta’s many fortifications and stands on the seaward shore of Sciberras Peninsula which divides Marsamxett Harbour from Valletta’s Grand Harbour. Before the arrival of Malta’s Knights in 1530, a particular watch tower existed in the vicinity of this point; reinforcing this site was strategically commenced in 1533. The Dragut Raid of 1551 was a time when the Turks sailed unopposed into Marsamxett Harbour and work commenced even further on this project. By the time of a certain Ottoman Siege of Malta in 1565, the fortification had been reinforced and thus extended into a star fort.

Fort St. Angelo

Another great fort is the Fort of St. Angelo and is most certainly part of Malta’s heritage. Legend has it that this particular fort is on top of a Roman settlement site. As the Knights came onto the Island in circa 1530, Fort St Angelo became the seat of Grand Master of the Order. The Fort played a major role in Malta’s Great Siege in 1565 where it managed to resist a powerful enemy, the Saracen Armada and was eventually was taken over during the 19th century. In recent years Fort St Angelo was granted the Order of the knights of St John the upper part of the fort and of which comprises St Anne’s Chapel and the Magisterial Palace.

Fort Rinella & Dwejra Tower

As the British played a major role in the majority of these forts yet another one was still to be cultivated. Fort Rinella was built by the British in 1878 and 1886. Fort Rinella was erected during a threat to Malta’s sovereignty by the Italian navy. Rinella had been especially equipped with a huge 100 ton cannon, which is in fact one of the world’s largest cannons. The furthest of such Forts is located in Gozo and is named Dwejra Tower.

Fort Madliena & Manoel

Fort Madliena in particular was in fact built by the British for defences to the Island on the north east. This fort was used to defend the Victoria Lines which spanned 12kms. Additionally Fort Manoel is one of Malta’s forts you will find on Manoel Island in Marsamxett Harbour. The Fort was constructed by the Knights of Malta between 1723 and 1755 and was built from its own native rock of Manoel Island itself.

All in all, these Forts have really commanded a great deal of respect in what they were used for. Each Fort had its own part to play in the history of Malta.

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