Authentic Limoges BoxLimoges boxes are high quality collector’s items that many people enjoy collecting.  People are often willing to pay very high prices for genuine Limoges boxes.  The superior porcelain and crafting of these boxes make them a precious commodity. Unfortunately, their popularity has also brought about imitators.  If you are a collector of genuine Limoges boxes and want to ensure that you are always purchasing true Limoges products, the information below will be helpful for you. Use these tips to identify a genuine Limoges box.

  • Expertly painted decorations.  A true Limoges box will be flawless. If the box has sloppy painting on the applied decorations, you should know right off that it is not a true Limoges box.
  • Shockingly light in weight. One may think that a Limoges box is heavy to the touch but in fact, it is the opposite. If the product seems heavy for its size, know right off that it is more than likely a fake.
  • Well balanced and in proportion.  If you are buying a set, each and every piece of the set should be uniform in design.  You will not see pieces that are off balance or out of scale.
  • Check the spelling of the “Limoges” mark.  When purchasing a Limoges box, it is crucial to carry a magnifying glass along with you to distinguish those tiny imperfections that may not be noticeable to the naked eye.  A genuine Limoges box will have a mark that is spelled correctly on the bottom of the box. It may also have the artist’s signature on the box. Be sure that you are familiar with the artist.
  • Look for the shine.  One of the most beautiful details of a genuine Limoges box is its beautiful shine. If the box appears dulls or faded, you without a doubt have a fake on your hands.
  • Properly working hinges.  The hinges should be flawlessly applied to the Limoges box.  If you have trouble opening or closing the box, then you more than the box may not be native to Limoges.
  • No mass production.  You aren’t likely to see two Limoges boxes that are alike.  Because of the intricacy of the detail, there may be small variations in different representations of the boxes.  Genuine Limoges boxes will not be mass produced. Avoiding buying boxes off of shelves that may have more than a few of the same design.
  • Shopping in the right place.  If you are an avid collector of Limoges boxes, then it can be beneficial visiting Limoges to ensure that you get the quality product that you are searching for.
  • The price can tell you a lot. Genuine boxes are not going to be cheap.  If you think you are paying too little of a price for the box, then it is probably a fake.
  • Know respected companies.  If you are online shopper of Limoges boxes, then you want to shop from respected companies. Respected companies will often guarantee that their products are 100% original so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are investing in a fake.
  • It takes talent. Creating the perfect Limoges box takes talent.  Look at the piece and determine how much work actually went into the box. Boxes that have intricate details that seem like they are impossible to create signify a real Limoges box.
  • Know your facts.  The best way to identify whether or not you are purchasing a true Limoges box is to know your facts and let potential dealer be aware that you do. This decreases your chances of investing in a phony box that will not be worth anything in the long run.

Use the tips above to help you identify a genuine Limoges box.  This high quality works or art are second to none. While the details may not be immediately noticeable, there are quite a few things that you can look for to determine whether or not you have a true Limoges box on your hands. Allow these tips to help you make the best investments possible when buying Limoges boxes for your collection.