The cost of food during vacation is perhaps the biggest expense, especially for a family or a large group of people traveling together. The plus side of that is that while feeding everyone can be a big cost, it is also the place where cost-saving measures are plentiful. With a bit of planning and attention to detail, you can cut food costs when traveling.

Bring Food With You

It is a good idea to pack nonperishable food items from home whenever possible, as it is often cheaper to purchase things where you are familiar with the prices than it is to buy on the go when traveling. Purchase favorite snacks and nonperishable edibles ahead of time and pack them among your belongings. If you are traveling by car, this is easily done. If a plane trip is your mode of transportation, you will have to be a bit more savvy about packing food items by strewing them carefully among your clothing in the suitcase or even designating a suitcase just for acceptable food items. Often the cost of one more suitcase is worth it in the cost of the food you take along to feed everyone.

Make Lunch the Big Meal

When on vacation, eating out is part of the fun for most families. By choosing wisely, you can enjoy local cuisine and good restaurants and still save money on your food costs. Make lunch your biggest meal of the day, the one you eat at a restaurant you want to try or you visit each time you travel to this place. Often lunchtime prices are cheaper than dinner prices.

Kids Eat Free Specials

Check out places where kids eat free or at a cheaper rate, as well. Even some of the more expensive restaurants often have deals for feeding the kids at cheaper prices, especially in combination with the purchase of an adult meal. Combine this with lunch prices and you can really save some money while still eating great food and visiting local eateries.

Choose Vacation Rentals

By choosing to stay in a vacation rental spot such as Sun River Vacation Rentals, you can have access to a fully functional kitchen for cooking meals and storing food and drinks in the refrigerator. Many families choose to stay in a place where they can cook meals, keep snacks and drinks handy and enjoy the leisurely way of keeping everyone fed while still saving money on the overall cost of food when traveling.

Coupons and Groupons

These days there are money saving options found in coupons and Groupons. Coupons can be found online or in the local publications found at hotels or grocery stores. Groupons often offer great daily specials in the area. Use today’s technology in the form of websites, printable coupons and apps to get the best deals of the day you can find.
With some forethought and planning, these tips for cutting your food costs when on vacation can really save you money. This makes vacation affordability much more likely for many families.

Image Credit: thephotographymuse