When we think about the basement in our home, we usually think about it as that space we use to store things in. But with a bit of thought you could make that basement into a room that you might want to spend much of your free time in.

Basements are usually wasted space in most houses, but thinking of using that space to make it into a game room can convert that wasted space into an additional room which would add to your home. The basement does not necessarily have to be large to convert it into a room where you could have some games set up so that you could enjoy this space with family and friends. If it is a small basement, you could set up games like darts with a dart board, or have a table hockey table. Include a few stools and a small refrigerator and you are all set to go. If you have a bigger space you could set up a pool table or even a ping pong table.

If you have kids you could make this into a play room for them. Kids just love to have a room that they can call their own play room. Think about the fun they can have with this room when they invite their friends over and best of all you do not have to worry about where they are at while they are playing since they would be safe inside the house. All you would need to do is put in carpeting and have shelves lining the walls with their toys. You could even throw in a couple of mattresses and some pillows and not only would they use this room for play, but even use it as a bedroom if they have their friends come over for sleep overs.

Basements can also be converted into a guest room if you do not have any spare bedrooms in the main house for guests. You could convert the basement into an office if you work from home or even into a work out room.

By thinking a little outside the box you can use this wasted space and convert it into a room that you could really use. Any space that can be converted into a useful room will add another room to your house, making your house feel a bit more larger than it is. Besides if you have a finished basement that can actually be used as a room it would add value to your home incase you want to sell it in the future.

Robert V. Dey has lived in Puntarenas Costa Rica for the past 7 years. Here he is a remodeling architect working for some of the biggest projects in the area.