According to the latest report from mobile company giffgaff, the UK’s confidence in call centres is, worryingly, “at an all time low.”

Their research showed that Britons do not have much patience when on the phone to a call centre, in fact they will actually only wait just six minutes before hanging up.

This is not the only research that has supported this feeling, showing that the British public appears to have less confidence in call centres than ever before.

A YouGov survey also showed that 55 per cent of people asked do not “trust” call centres in the UK when it comes to keeping data about them safe. The survey also shockingly revealed that only 4.1 per cent of people have said that they had a good experience with a call centre.

Overseas call centre’s have a reputation of being known as cheaply run call centre’s run by low qualified staff in places like India. This is particularly the case in the telecoms industry, yet still many companies choose to hold their call centre’s abroad, such as BT, Talk Talk and even Sky.

The reason for this is cost, by outsourcing to an overseas call centre; companies can save 65p a call. This amount soon adds up over a short space of time, saving businesses thousands.

Having a well managed call centre is vital to any business function. The YouGov survey showed that 69 per cent of people have had their opinion of a company “permanently damaged” after contacting a call centre that had poor customer service.

This does not only mean that you have lost one customer, you may lose many more just from one poor call. Fifty per cent of people have said that they would advise family and friends to not use a company that they’ve had a bad experience with.

Stavros Tsolakis, CEO of Direct Save Telecom, commented, “Yes, it is a lot cheaper to outsource your call centre needs overseas, but cheaper certainly does not mean better. We are living in a fast paced world, where people are constantly on the move. They want quick, effective answers to their questions and certainly do not want to be stuck in a telephone queue, only to be greeted by an operator with a limited English vocabulary who cannot answer your query if you go off script. It does not take a genius to work out why Brits are catching telecom rage.”

Many well managed call centres can be located in the UK or USA. These call centres use fully trained staff and high end equipment and technology to answer all calls and deal with customers’ enquiries in a swift and efficient way. This is a far more professional, impressive service and is something many businesses are looking into. Furthermore, cost savings can still be made with these call centres. Many argue that the costs are saved by customers not requiring a second call to the centre due to their issues being resolved in their first call, which is something some state an overseas call centre fails to do.