As more people move online by the day, it is becoming a reality that businesses too will have to follow suit and move online too if they are to stay relevant in business. Having an online presence has become an absolute necessity that must be strategized. The web design industry has diversified incredibly in the last five years, and the choices you’ll face when searching to entrust a web designer with your project is either template or custom development…Read on!

Custom Developed Website

When working on a custom designed website, you lay out the parameters and how you would like your website to look. If you’ve decided that custom development ticks all the boxes and have determined to get all factors right to the least detail, then this category is for those people who consider their website as being of high influence to their niche and thus the need for the best.

Pro’s of custom developed websites

a) In having a custom developed site, the present and the future needs for the website can be focused upon, both in terms of the customers and the marketers.
b) The owner of the website gets exactly what he wants and is not at any time required to make an exception of something they might not like.
c) The custom website focuses on many parameters that might be needed to make most tasks as easy as possible.
d) This custom website is easily improved or even changed depending on the owner’s requirements.

Cons of custom website development

a) This development requires a lot of time to develop due to the intense labor that is needed to be put in place to ensure that the owner gets what he wants.
b) Due to the intense labor that is needed here, the money needed in developing the site is also quite high.

Template Developed Website

In this, the main focus is mainly at getting a website that is functioning properly rather than focusing on the intricate details on how the website functions or looks. In this mode of development, you choose from already pre developed templates in creating your website.

Pro’s of template website design

a) Quick turnaround time is needed in the development of the website.
b) It is cheap as the only thing needed is a small customization of the template website and addition of content and the website can go live.
c) This is not as labor consuming compared to custom website design.

Con’s of Template Website Design

a) It is quite hard to reach out to unique concepts of your business through the use of template design.
b) The needs and designs that you may need are not taken into account and you instead are forced to accommodate your needs to the available template designs on offer.
c) Changing something on the template is quite difficult that might need a website developer to work on as you risk collapsing the whole site.

Depending on the above two methods of website design, it is up to you to decide the most ideal template website design. To come to the best decision, it is always advisable that you also look to the reason why the website is needed and to focus on the needs of the consumers too.

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