Oh, don’t you just HATE shopping for a new car? For one thing, the weather is never nice. If you go in the winter, it’s too cold and wet. If you go in the summer, it’s too hot to look at cars. Plus, you have to put up with the salesmen. And, if you go to several dealerships, you have a group of them all plotting to get your money. All of this can set you up to be conned by an unscrupulous salesman. Here are some ways to avoid the problem

Get Your Credit Report

First of all, remember that the salesman makes his salary on commission. That’s ok, lots of people do. But because of this, he is going to have his own best interests in mind – no yours. One of the ways dealerships make a LOT of money is to finance your purchase themselves. William Durant was the first one to do this when he instituted seller-financing back in 1919. GMAC was the financing branch of his newly formed GM Corporation, and has put thousands of cars in the garages of people who would have never been able to afford a car.

However, when you apply for a loan with GMAC or any other dealership, they will ask for permission to access your credit report. Granting multiple requests for people to look at your credit report can actually lower your score. You need to get your own copy, and take it with you. Your salesman may be a con if he won’t accept this credit report as a basis for a quote. Once you have decided on a particular dealership, they can run their own credit check, with your permission, to finalize the deal.

Stick With What You Want

Do you know what kind of car you want? Do some research before you go shopping. If you have a brand loyalty, let your salesman know. Most car salesmen will show you the type of car you ask for, whether it’s a sedan, coupe, compact, or full sized car or SUV. However, if your salesman is trying to get you to try a vehicle different from your shopping list, he could be trying to unload a vehicle.

Dealerships often will get fleet vehicles. These are cars from businesses such as rental agencies. The business will trade in their fleet of used cars and purchase new ones. The salesmen will be under directive to clear out these vehicles. Or, a special order vehicle may be the targeted sale. Make sure your salesman shows you the cars you want, not what he wants to sell.

Instant Purchase

If the salesman tries to pressure you to buy a car before you leave the lot, don’t take it as a compliment. It’s probably because he knows that you can get a better deal elsewhere. “What would it take to get you to stop looking?” is a common question.

Tell the salesman, “THIS kind of car, at THIS price”, and avoid being conned.

You can always try shopping online to avoid the pressure of salesmen breathing down your neck, whether your looking for a car, truck or even a vw transporter.