Once you’ve succeeded in getting your bachelor’s in psychology, you might be ready to consider getting your master’s in a related field. Many go ahead and stick with psychology, but if you’re looking to work in a more academic or mental health-related setting, then you might want to look into getting your master’s degree in counseling. There are few better ways to help people than by getting your degree in counseling and positioning yourself in a place where you can provide individuals with the assistance they need to be back on the road to feeling like themselves again. After your undergraduate career is done, you’ve got a few different options in terms of your graduate work. We’ll talk about some of the most common counseling master’s programs, and which might apply to you and your chosen field.

The Master of Arts (or Master of Science) degree — depending on which your school offers — is one of the ways to complete your graduate studying and get a degree that will help you work firsthand with individuals. With an MA or MS, you can find a job as a school counselor or a career counselor, both being employment opportunities that let you connect with young people and influence their futures in vital ways.

To complete your MA or MS, you’ll typically need to finish around 50 or 60 credits’ worth of courses, but once you’ve crossed that hurdle you’re ready to begin an illustrious career of counseling those who need it most. This kind of post-graduate work is also easiest when it’s completed right after you finish your undergraduate program. Keep yourself in the school groove so that you don’t get too disused to completing assignments and attending class regularly.

If you think you’ll want to align yourself specifically with an educational setting, then can get a Master of Education degree, which is also known as the M.Ed degree. This is a two-year program which is generally geared in specific towards educational counselling. If you’re looking to work with kids or at a university in a counseling capacity, then this is likely the program for you. You’ll be able to finish it with just another couple years of college.

The most popular option for post-graduate counseling degree is the Master of Social Work degree, commonly referred to as the MSW. While it’s not strictly a counseling degree, it will allow you to perform counseling services in a variety of settings, and is the most popular option for this reason. Additionally, attaining your Master of Counseling Psychology degree with give you limited license status in some states to practice psychology, making it another good option for those looking to broaden their expertise.

There are many ways to earn an online masters degree in school counseling and have yourself closer to working in a setting where you help kids achieve their dreams. No matter where your university is, there are a number of options that can help you get your master’s degree in counseling so you can get to work helping people with the advice they need.