Life is unpredictable, and we essentially take risks every time we get out of bed in the morning. It is an unusual fact, but accidents happen and injuries are sustained all over the country every day. You might choose to walk around the block a different way and end up in the hospital. You may try to change lanes on the highway at the wrong time and find yourself in a collision. Anything can happen. This should not cause anyone to live in fear, but it is in fact beneficial to know the most common types of personal injury cases if you should ever need to go to court.

Assault is one case that is often misunderstood. While assault cases are generally handled under criminal law, many victims file civil suits against their attackers, seeking compensation for personal injuries. This makes sense, of course. If someone who has assaulted you is prosecuted and punished under the law, that may bring you some sense of satisfaction but it does nothing to handle the many financial complications that can arise from your injuries.

Work-related injuries are some of the most common personal injury cases, yet many feel that the current figures for reported work injuries do not accurately reflect the amount of injuries really sustained. Due to the rough economic situation in America, many workers are fearful of losing their jobs due to injuries. This, however, should not deter anyone from filing a claim for compensation for work-related injuries. Employers have insurance to cover these kinds of incidents, and most will be more than cooperative with matters such as worker’s compensation.

Far and away the most common personal injury cases are those that result from automotive accidents. In addition to car collisions, accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are very common and this is one of the main reasons that many states now require all drivers to be insured or face legal consequences. The popularity of cell phones has only increased the number of accidents by bringing more distracted drivers onto the road. Auto insurance luckily makes these cases relatively easy to handle most of the time, provided all the right measures are taken such as filing a police report and having injuries assessed by a doctor.

Slipping and falling accidents come up relatively frequently in the courts as well. These cases are usually brought on by accidents sustained on private properties that have not been properly maintained. An icy apartment building stairway, for example, or a slippery restaurant floor can be the catalyst for serious personal injury claims. Remember that you are entitled to compensation if you are injured in cases like this, and protect others by maintaining safety precautions on your own property.

Wherever you reside, there will always be litigators around to handle these types of cases. In cities from Albuquerque to Chicago personal injury lawyers are readily available to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Understand the laws and the most common claims so that you don’t get cheated after your injury.