Technology has given us endless ways to communicate with one another. In the last decade or two, the ways that we can connect with, speak to, and share messages with our fellow human beings has broadened to include a number of incredibly convenient and technologically advanced methods that many of us never thought we’d live to see. Videos and pictures can be created, captured, sent, and shared to devices that fit into the palms of our hands, and it’s never been easier to send and receive text messages and other sorts of communications. Now that communicating via text is something that just about anybody can do, there are more and more ways to enrich your communication. Gone are the days of simply telling someone you’re happy, or expressing your emotions with words — why tell someone, when you can show them? There are all sorts of applications available, and other ways to make fancy emoticons that will help you get your specialized message across, and we’re going to talk about some of the coolest ways to help liven up the way you communicate with the written word. Whether you just want to use an application, or you’re interested in emoticons that you can simply make with your keyboard, we’ll give you the best ways to make a splash with some clever emoticons that’ll brighten just about anyone’s day.

Many smart phones and mobile devices have great programs built in that will help you use emoticons to spice up your text messages, emails, or other written communications that you use your smartphone or mobile device to create. Emoji is great for the iPhone, and other such applications are available in the Google Play App Store for your Android smartphone or tablet device, as well. These apps can be paid or free, and are of varying degrees of quality.

If you don’t use an application or program to create yourself some next-level emoticons, then there are other ways to satisfy your thirst for the greatest emoticons around. In fact, many of the most popular emoticons have risen up as popular “memes” on the Internet, passed around via websites like Reddit and 4Chan. A “meme,” for the uninitiated, is any joke that gets passed around and/or added to on the Internet via message boards or other type of chat- and sharing-based websites.

The “Flipping Table” emoticon is one of the best examples of these fancy emoticons. For example, when experiencing an inexplicable bout of rage, one might want to express this by showing how much fun it would be to flip over a nearby table:

(?°?°)?? ???

This is a great example of a fancy emoticon that helps you really communicate some fun emotion in your text messages. Of course, if you want to calm someone down, you can replace their flipped table with another fancy emoticon:

+-+?( º _ º?)

These different fancy emoticon can make sure your conversation emotes exactly the way you want it to, and with one of the applications we talked about, you can really spice up your text messages and emails!