Competing in the online arena is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy these days. And with so many companies, both large and small, looking for ways to expand their online presence and increase brand visibility, there are all kinds of new occupations and specializations available to those with a background in marketing. Whether you’re interested in working for an advertising or SEO firm or you’d rather strike out on your own, it’s easy enough to start with a degree in marketing and then expand your knowledge base to cover online techniques. In most cases, you can learn what you need to know on your own with a little research. But because of the increasing demand for internet marketing services, you may even be able to find courses that cover these types of jobs. And here are just a few that may tickle your fancy.

  1. Ghost tweeting. Can you imagine any job more fun than writing tweets for celebrities that don’t have the time to do it for themselves? Okay, so it’s not just actors and athletes that are looking for someone to handle their social networking profiles (although such a job would certainly be fun). As it turns out, many companies are also paying people with a background in marketing, a good grasp of language, and an understanding of the social media landscape to handle their Twitter feeds and Facebook walls. And you can benefit when others simply don’t have the time to manage their social media accounts.
  2. Email marketing. Most people aren’t too keen on unwanted email solicitation, which could be why spam filters exist. But there are still plenty of businesses that see the value in casting a wide net in the hopes of reeling in a few fish. As an email marketer it is your job to come up with innovative ways to catch the interest of consumers via email. This could entail enticing online visitors to sign up for memberships with client websites, sending out email blasts with information about new products, or even offering discounts and coupons via email.
  3. SEO. Search engine optimization may not seem like marketing, but in many cases that’s exactly what it is. Certainly there is a portion of the practice that centers on using search engine algorithms to raise a site’s page rank. But the majority of the process revolves around marketing knowledge. In order to use keywords effectively, you have to figure out what’s trending. If you want to get links from blogs you must provide them with quality, related content. Gauging the consumer temperature in the online arena is an essential aspect of practicing SEO, and this is where a background in marketing comes into play.
  4. Viral video specialist. Video marketing is a great way to reach new consumers, and the internet provides an excellent platform for spreading visual content. And while video specialists can certainly create informational content (ads, tutorials, testimonials, etc.) for on-site usage or advertising purposes, there is a whole industry devoted to viral campaigns that are meant to be passed around by consumers due to content that is engaging in a surprising or humorous way.
  5. Website management. Many firms, like Increase Visibility, WebiMax, and, specialize in building and maintaining business websites as a way to increase traffic, promotion, branding, and ultimately sales. If you want to participate in this type of job you need to have a grasp not only of marketing (and online practices in particular), but also the ins and outs of web design, SEO, and revenue-building techniques. It’s a tall order, but it can lead to an extremely rewarding career.