Despite the fact that they were never a problem in the country before the 1990s, stink bugs are certainly making up for lost time by quickly expanding from state to state and causing a serious menace to many farmers and homeowners. The most common and problematic form of these bugs is the Brown Marmorated Stink bug, it is a large, noisy and intrusive insect.

Their strange name comes from the fact that their primary defense mechanism against predators is to emit an incredibly unpleasant smell when they are cornered, agitated, or crushed. This is one of the reasons that they are among the most annoying and tenacious of pest species in the country. They tend to cause trouble for two separate segments of the population, farmers and people who live in one of the 38 states in which they have been identified.

When the bugs infest a farm they can cause numerous problems. The major problem that they bring with them is their propensity to eat any crops that they can get a foothold on. They also are very hard to get rid of for several reasons. The first of which is the fact that they tend to lay their eggs in hidden spots on the undersides of leaves and branches which makes their next generations harder to get rid of. They also are showing a high level of resistance to most of the front line pesticides that are generally used in agriculture.

Because of these two things, whenever a farmer is unlucky enough to be the victim of an infestation is likely to suffer some significant economic damages as a result of the damage they do any the difficulty of getting rid of them.

Even for those who do not have to worry about a farm, an infestation of stink bugs can carry with it several issues that can severely impact their quality of life. The bugs are not only large and noisy, they also have a tendency to completely overrun a house and a typical infestation can be composed of as many as six or seven hundred insects, occasionally even more.

Their presence is also made all the more unpleasant when one considers the disgusting smell from which they get their name. And the same resistance to pesticides that they display in agricultural settings comes into play in household infestations, making it hard to remove them by using the pesticides that are typically available to homeowners.

Although getting them out through the use of pesticides is not generally the best way, there is a great alternative to them that is very effective when used against stink bugs. A man named Andy Strube from Pennsylvania who was dealing with a severe infestation of these smelly pests invented it. This product is known as the Strube Stink Bug Trap, and is the best defense against these tenacious insects. There are only a couple online stores that sell this stink bug trap, one of them is this one.

It is specially designed tube that has several features that make it the front line in removing the bugs. The first thing that sets it apart from other products is the fact that it contains two separate lures that are irresistible to the bugs, the first lure is a bright incandescent light that draws the bugs in in the first place in concert with a powerfully scented lure that smells like the bugs’ two favorite foods, peppers and squash. The true power of the trap however is contained in the sticky substance that makes sure that the bugs cannot escape the trap once they have flown into it. This substance is placed in the trap through the use of refillable inserts, that once full of insects can be disposed of and replaced until the infestation is completely under control.

Through the use of a product such as the Strube Stink Bug Trap, you can get rid of these large and troublesome uninvited guests, giving yourself peace of mind and a bug free house in the process.

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