Wireless Internet is an amazing thing, and many of us are beginning to rely upon it more and more. As the Internet continues to unite us in an increasing number of ways, the strength of our wireless signal at home becomes a thing of pretty serious importance. Not only have many of us begun to rely on our Internet connection for important things like our incomes and our entertainment consumption, but there are more devices using wireless Internet than ever before, as well. It’s not uncommon for one household to have more than one computer, smartphone, and/or tablet device connected to the wireless Internet, and signal strength can become a precious commodity. We’ll talk about five great ways that you can improve your home’s wireless Internet connection without spending a fortune.

1. Go for Optimum Positioning. Where you put your wireless router in your home actually has quite a lot to do with how well you’re able to get a signal, and if you think your router’s delivering something a little weak you might be able to improve this by changing its location. Take into consideration what your house is made of, as well — building materials like concrete and steel don’t do great things for a wireless signal, so you might want to make sure your router is on whichever floor sees the most computer use.

2. Get a New Antenna. Every router will come with antenna, and if you’ve seen a few of them you’ve likely notice that they can screw off and be detached near the base. This means that you can replace your router’s factory-installed antenna for something a little more powerful. Go online to look for a great replacement for your router, and you can enjoy a nice boost in signal strength.

3. Repeater, Repeater. Devices known as repeaters are a great way to make sure your signal gets everywhere you need it to — especially if you’ve got a big house, and/or multiple stories. A repeater is like another router, except it just relays your wireless Internet signal so you can get access farther away from the original router.

4. The Antenna Booster. Even if you’ve already replaced your router’s factory-installed antenna, you can still go a step further and make or buy yourself a great antenna booster. There are tons of DIY solutions easily available online, or you can pay for an actual reflector specifically designed with the purpose of strengthening your signal. Either way, there are a few options for physical devices that can amplify your router’s capabilities.

5. Update Your Router’s Firmware. Your router’s firmware is something that’s usually not upgraded as often as it could or should be, so if you take the extra time to go online and look up your router’s firmware it’s likely you’ll find an update. This is especially useful, as many individuals are going with what’s referred to as naked broadband, or Internet that’s not coupled with a phone service. In this case, it’s best to get any advantage you can when it comes to boosting your router’s signal strength.