Driveway paving can be a super fun activity that your whole family can get in on — it’s a great way to improve the house, save money, and spend a weekend doing something that really brings the whole entire family together. When you think about it, going about your driveway paving the right way can be a real win-win-win situation for just about everybody involved. You get some DIY street cred, you and your spouse save some serious money by not having to invest in a contractor, and if your family is handy you get to have some serious fun where everybody gets to seriously pitch in and lend a hand. Of course, if your family’s going to help you pave your driveway, you’re going to want to make sure that everyone’s safe and that the whole project goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll talk about some of the best tips that’ll help you weekend project go off without a hitch. This way, you can your family can have a great time paving the new driveway, you can save some seriously money, and you can make some nice new improvements to your home.

One of the best strategies you can employ when you’re approaching a DIY driveway paving extravaganza is by having everything ready before you start. And that means everything — including your design plans, decisions, and things like that. There are a ton of patterns from which you can choose, and your materials, and everything. Many important things have to be considered before you even start paving your driveway, so have everything settled before you start. This includes your materials — round everything up so that you’ve got what you’ll need well in advance.

Make sure the area you’re going to be paving is very, very well-drained. Any moisture in the area is going to seriously mess up the setting process. When it comes to your bedding material, try your best to use something like river sand, or anything that doesn’t come from a marine source. These beddings might have salt in them, which will similarly mess up your pavement. Individual pavers, as they set, are going to need a little bit of room to expand, and it’s important not to forget this when you’re setting them. Don’t put them right up against one another or you’re going to have a serious problem when they start to dry.

Paving your driveway is a great time, whether you order paving from InstallItDirect or buy your pavers from your local home improvement store, there are plenty of ways to approach a DIY driveway paving job. Doing your driveway paving yourself can be a great way to bring the family together, and it’s also an excellent way to save some serious cash. There’s no need to spend money on a professional contractor when you and your family can do it yourself, and with these few strategies you can make sure everyone has a great time giving the front of your home an exciting new look!