Medical Scrubs have come a long way. Take a look at pictures of doctors and nurses from 30 to 40 years ago and you will see right away what I am referring to.  The uniforms that those in the medical field wore then are so different that what is worn now.  The medical scrubs that nurses of old used to wear basically looked like a shapeless white bag. They were ill fitting and uncomfortable.  They made you look plump even if you were thin. Plus you were required to wear that little old fashioned style white hat; what could be worse.  Dickies ScrubsThe white scrubs of old, symbolized a sanitary environment.  However after being worn for a couple of hours the scrubs no longer looked clean and sanitary. I guess the medical scrubs manufactures heard enough about it and therefore completely changed the face of medical scrubs.

These days, medical scrubs take on a whole new meaning.  Medical scrubs manufacturers have completely redesigned scrubs.  They now come in styles that are flattering and suit your body perfectly.  Whether you are short or tall, size extra small to size extra large, there is size and style just for you.  Not only that there are so many solid colors and prints to choose from, you might not know where to start.  Each season they add solids and prints that include the latest color trends. Some of these scrubs you will love so much, you will want to head to town with them.

There are a couple of medical scrub collections that has really taken the industry by storm  For instance the Grey Anatomy scrubs have become a must have for the high end nurses and doctors.  Grey’s Anatomy is the gold standard in scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy medical scrubs are named after a hit TV show.  The scrubs are modeled after the scrubs worn by the show cast. These scrubs feature up to date styles and cuts.  Take a look at theses scrubs and you will see why it has become such a hot item. Then take a look at the New Blue line from Dickies scrubs. It’s pretty unbelievable, yet you can now get medical scrubs that have the look and feel of jeans. Imagine being able to wear jeans everyday to work.

Doctors and Nurses alike have a very rough schedule.  They are on their feet literally the whole day.  They need something that they will feel comfortable in the entire day.  They need something that allows them flexibility and movement.  They need something that requires very little care. Yet they also want to look good which is of equal importance.  A nurse that feels good about the way he or she looks will perform so much better.  The medical scrubs manufacturers have heard what those in the medical industry want and continuously work to give them just what they are looking for.  Medical scrubs have definitely come a long way from what they used to be.

Liz Taylor is a scrubs designer for  With years of experience in the clothing industry she has assisted in changing the face of Medical Scrubs uniforms to represent a much more up to date look and feel.