Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, hats are an accessory that many men wear all year round.  For this reason, it is important that men choose the right fit and style of hat to wear for many different occasions.  Use the 12 tips for choosing the right fit for men listed below to ensure that you are always in style and on trend with all of your hat purchases.

  • What’s the occasion? When choosing the right style and fit with hats, you must first consider the occasion. Obviously, you are not going to wear and informal hat to a formal occasion. Weddings and dinner parties provide the perfect opportunity to wear a classy black and white hat.
  • Hats by age.  The younger generation is gearing towards hats with a flat bill.  While flat bill hats are appropriate for all ages, the designs on the hat will often set them apart. When choosing the right hat, consider your age.  Be sure that you aren’t wearing a hat that is designed for a younger generation.
  • Do you have a “hat”itude? When choosing the right style and fit, consider your reason for wearing it. If you are making an effort to look “cool,” you are more than likely to choose a hat that is brand name.
  • Dress for the season.  Hats, like other clothing items, are seasonal.  During the winter months you may want to choose a hat that is made of a heavier material.  During the spring and summer months, lighter material can help you to stay cool while still giving you the look that you want.
  • Hats that match your outfit.  When choosing the right hat, you want to ensure that it matches the outfit you are wearing.  A sports hat will go better with a jeans and a polo than a fancier, dinner party hat.  Choose your outfit and then find a hat that compliments the outfit nicely.
  • Going bold isn’t always the right choice.  There are hats available in endless color choices.  If you want to remain stylish, however, consider hats that are neutral in tones so that you don’t draw attention to your hat.  You want people to be drawn to you, not your hat.
  • Less is more when choosing the right fit.  Patterned hats can be very loud and also draw unwanted attention. When choosing a hat, go with the less is more mentality. The less decoration on the hat, the more appealing it will be on your head.  Choose a pattern that will be easy with the clothing that you own.
  • Consider your face shape.  Be sure to try on hats to be sure that the hat looks well with your face shape.  A flat bill hat may make your face appear rounder.  If you have a round chubby face, avoid wearing these hats.
  • Choose the right angle to wear the hat.  While wearing a hat straight forward is the most popular way to wear it, some people choose to tilt the hat at a slight angle.  If this is your preference, be sure to try this angle before you purchase the hat. Flat bill hats are often hard to wear as an angle.
  • Comfort matters.  When choosing the right hat, always consider the comfort. A hat that is too tight can actually give you a headache.  Comfort is key when buying a hat.
  • Getting in on the vintage style. A newer trend with hats is the vintage style.  Always consider the trend when purchasing a hat. If being in style is your goal, you can’t go wrong with trendy hats.
  • In the end, the choice is yours. While vintage seems to be the style, choose a hat that you like.  Regardless of what other people think, it you like the hat, wear it.

When choosing the perfect hat for men, the 12 tips listed above can be very beneficial. Hats are likely a trend for men that will never disappear.  Choosing classic styles that you can wear time and time again will give the most for your money.

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