It is absolutely amazing to think that student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt, but it is now a reality. The cost to attend public and private colleges across the country is astronomical. When you add up all of that debt from so many students wishing to make a better life for themselves than this is a little easier to understand.

The average credit card debt for most Americans is not usually even close to what the average college graduate will have to repay. It is an absolute tragedy that American students have to put out so much money without the guarantee of even getting a job.

What is a graduate supposed to do? Imagine facing those huge bills each month and not having a job yet. The economy has not picked up enough yet to give everyone a job. This means that many students will have to go into forbearance on their loans unless something changes.

There are countless numbers of companies that are able and willing to help consumers get out of credit card debt, and our country needs more companies to help out those students with large amounts of college debt. The government has made some valid attempts to help these graduates out, but the government is having enough trouble staying afloat. They can only do so much, so now what do we do.

We need to take a good hard look at each individual student and give that student the help that they need. Our colleges and universities also must make money, but they need to really see how badly they are affecting so many students. People go to college to pursue their dreams. These dreams come at a high cost though.

The increased amounts for tuition, books, and extraneous fees can be overwhelming. Many schools are doing what they can to combat these higher prices by offering online education degrees. These degrees can be earned online. This means that the students only have to pay for tuition and the necessary books. This is a step in the right direction.

In order for our student loan debt to decline, we must be proactive. Everyone that is involved with these endeavors must take it upon themselves to find a way to help thousands of debt ridden college graduates. It is imperative that we continue to work with every citizen to lower both their student debt and credit card debt.

It’s a guest article by D. F. He is a food education professional and produces posts inside the blog where he suggests some ideas in the nutrition degree guide (click here to get the full story) to help people today who want to be a dietician or get a new occupation in the nutrition field.