Humans have always migrated from one place to another or one country to another throughout human history. As governments have become more complex the rules of immigration and emigration have developed and become equally complex. The process of relocation can be made easier with careful planning and preparation before making the final move into a new frontier.
The terms immigration and emigration are sometimes used interchangeably, though they are not the same. Immigration is the relocation into a new country, whereas emigration is the movement from one’s home country.
For the purpose of this article we will look at the details that an emigrant needs to be aware of as they plan and prepare for their big move from their home country to another country.

But first, let’s consider why a person may want to leave home, sometimes permanently. Some citizens may suffer from economic hardship and feel they will be better off relocating to another country. Often times those same people may suffer from political, religious, or social persecution that makes remaining in their home country hard and dangerous. They feel strongly that the only way they can survive is to relocate, so they set in motion the plan to emigrate.

An emigrant should follow a checklist to make sure they leave nothing important out and to make their move go as smoothly as possible:

1. Apply for a passport as soon as possible to assure that the passport is available in time for the move.

2. Apply for a visa: If you plan to work in your new country you will need to have a work visa. Go to you’re the embassy or consulate to learn the rules for visas.

3. Learn residency requirements: Each country will have its own rules for how to become a permanent resident in its country. Learn these rules and begin to prepare by studying for any exams you may need to take to become a citizen.

4. Learn about your new country: Look into statistics such as employment, average income, costs of living, and education. Learn the language and social norms of your new country. This information will help make your transition go more smoothly.

5. Set up your healthcare plans before you move. You will want to know what healthcare is offered where you are going and what type of insurance you will need. If you can, purchase a healthcare plan so that it is in place before you settle in your new home.

6. Make sure you have funds: Set up an account and make sure you will have access to your funds. You should plan to have at least 6 months to a year of funds for your initial survival needs as you seek work and settle down. It would be even better to have a job lined up before you move.

7. Arrange for your home life: If you are moving near family or friends (even friends of friends), make sure everyone is ready for your arrival and that you are prepared for where you will live. If you are moving from a warm climate to a cold climate, make sure you are ready for the physical and cultural shock you may experience.
8. Tie up loose ends in your home country: Close accounts and pay bills. Sell whatever you are not bringing with you (this will also help you with moving funds).
9. Set up your trip: Arrange for your flight or other means of travel at least a month before you go.
10. Once you arrive in your new country, visit the embassy or consulate to meet with an immigration officer. You will learn about your documentation needs and you can make sure you have some of the documentation you will need for work and other factors of living in a new country. You will also learn about immunizations you will need to get. You will also learn of any deadlines you need to be award of as you become a new citizen in your new country. Your immigration law will let you know about tax laws, as well.
11. If you are traveling with a pet you will need to learn about quarantines, immunizations, and you will learn if your pet is permitted to live in your new country.
As you can see, there are many considerations when planning and preparing to emigrate from your home country to another. Take care to follow this checklist and you will be better prepared to begin your brand new life.