Purchasing private medical insurance policies these days has gained huge popularity and acceptance among many people in UK. In spite of the universal health care policy prevalent in the country, purchasing a private health care policy helps the consumer to receive extra comfort and convenience during their medical needs. There are hundreds of insurance companies in the market offering different benefits and coverage options. It is essential that people understand and evaluate the different choices before they make a decision. The list below provides information about the top private medical insurance providers in UK.


AXA PPP belongs to the health care division of the larger company AXA and they are the global leaders in financial protection. AXA is one of the oldest and renowned insurance company, they have more than 65 years of experience in the insurance domain. The company has more than two million clients, which makes them pioneers in their field. AXA PPP provides a wide variety of insurance plans which are innovative and are designed specifically to meet the needs of all the people. The company offers insurance plans for adults, children and also for businesses. The private medical insurance policies offered by AXA PPP helps the customers to receive prompt treatment and high quality services as per their plan.


At Bupa customers are treated with utmost care right from the start. The company helps the customers while they make a choice of their consultants to the scheduling of appointments with the consultants who will be able meet the needs of the patients. The aim of the company is to offer support and guidance at every step for their customers during their treatment process. The company is a part of the leading health care group which offers a broad range of services which includes company and personal health insurance. The hospitals under this company have been certified with the quality award – ISO 9002.

Pru Health:

This company is a joint venture of the two great organizations in the health care domain. They are Prudential and Discovery Holdings (A South African health care provider). Pru Health ensures that their customers receive the best treatment and have access to the latest drugs and the treatment when they are ill. The core cover of Pru Health includes the day-patient cover and the in-patient cover. The customers are provided with three different lists of hospitals from which they can make their choice. They are also provided with quick access to some of the top private hospitals in UK.


The company is one of the largest providers of general and life insurance policies in UK and Europe. Aviva’s main focus is to provide their customers with prompt care and high quality services and it has more than thirty million customers which is a proof for the performance of the company. The Private Medical Insurance offered by Aviva helps their customers to get quick access to health care. The policy also includes features such as the healthier solutions which offer gym and no-claim benefits to the customers.

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