Fresh out of college and excited for a new life. You step out the portals of the university with a renewed spirit. Then suddenly you look back and scratch your head and thought, “Did they actually prepped me how to win my first job?”. Sorry if the university missed out on that one. Don’t worry though, winning your first job may be difficult but not impossible as long you follow these effective tips to nail that job.

Start a job search

Find the best entry-level job you can find. Entry-level jobs are out there to give you the experience and the skill to move to the next level. Even if you have been a summa cum laude; in the real world it is not that much of a deal. Recruiters may be impressed by your achievement and applaud you; but the real test is how you fare on a real job. Your college credentials are worthless if you are unable to prove to all and sundry that you are the real deal. You may be the top pick but unless you can snatch that championship, you are as good as a lemon.


Keep in mind that you may not get the first job you applied for. It is great to have a back-up and here is where persistence comes in. Wait for a few days to make a follow-up on your application status. The hiring manager would be impressed on the level of interest that you have when you reiterate your zeal to land the job. Just don’t get overboard about it.

Don’t stop

Just because you did not nail it the first time around means that you will stop. Do not be idle and pin your hopes on that one job that you like. There are plenty of opportunities to those who dare seek it. Crushing hopes on your dream job can lead to great stress and anxiety. To beat it, just keep on going no matter what. Search the internet and in your locality for those jobs that perfectly fit your qualifications.


Sometimes you need to show how flexible you are. The more flexible you are the better chance of landing that job. Hiring managers would prefer people that are willing to have shifting schedules than those who would have a fixed one. Being not flexible reduces your chances of getting a job, period. At the onset of the interview, make sure to genuinely express your desire to land on that job regardless of the working schedule.  You have to convince them that you will not mind working even on a graveyard schedule or during weekends if the job requires you to.

Dress nicely

Dressing up is part of the job application process. You need to look your best when you have to face the music, or in this case the hiring manager. It is important that you put forth your best face to create a lasting impression. Avoid wearing clothes that have very bright colors.  Dress appropriately.

Keep on going

Even if every job you applied for has turned you down, just keep on punching. You just have to be patient and soon enough your efforts will pay off. Job hunting is never easy, that’s for sure. However, landing a job is not impossible. You may have to rethink your position in order to sync your skills with what is available. If your dream job seems to be too elusive for you, see to it that you settle for your second dream job.  This way, you will not be spending your days and nights with frustration over not being able to win your first dream job. Just continue to work hard, and prove your worth.  Later, the big bosses will certainly notice your efforts and reward you the position you deserve.

Always the hardest part is the first time. Finding a job for the very first time can be overwhelming especially to a young person like you. It is important that you keep the level of maturity in check. Soon enough you will nail something that you would keep forever.