Animated movies are almost always successful, even when they do not have the best storyline or marketing campaign. The reason is that people are attracted to the art of animation. This is because animation provides a physical manifestation of the imagination. It allows people to escape their normal lives and to explore a world where anything and everything is possible.

Animated Movies for Kids

Animated movies that are designed for kids are big earners. Even lower budget animated films and animated features that are produced specifically for DVD releases, rake in huge profits. This is because parents spend money on these films because their kids love to watch them.

Kids are often attracted to a specific animated character. This character is usually introduced in either a television show or an original animated feature. The animation company then develops products and additional animated programs and movies around the popular character. As a result discount movie posters, dolls, toys and other memorabilia items are sold.

Kids can also be attracted to an animated serial or franchise, such as the Ice Age franchise or the Aladdin franchise. In this case kids become fans of a group of characters or a specific storyline. Companies that make animated films take advantage of this and produce more components, or films, in the franchise. This is a cost effective way to make animated films because the characters and storylines have already been developed and the animation artists have already worked out the kinks for making the characters come to life on the screen.

Animated Movies for Teens and Adults

While animated movies are generally made for kids, there are some animated films and franchises that are developed with an older audience in mind. Many animation companies try to include elements that will entertain older viewers so that they can expand their market. Some, on the other hand, focus solely on audiences that are older than 13.

Animated movies that are attractive to older audiences are going to have specific characteristics. First of all they can feature nostalgic cartoon characters, such as Scooby Doo, Transformers or Looney Tunes characters. Secondly they feature more adult themes, such as romance or hard core action.

Marketing animated films to teens and adults is different from marketing these films to kids. Adults need to know that the film is going to be interesting and that it is not going to be a nursery school lesson. Usually this is done by producing animated movie posters that are suggestive or more adult themes. These posters are fun, they feature characters that the adults can identify with and they include hints to what the animated film is all about.


Animated films are very expensive to make because they are so labor intensive. To make them profitable animation studios need to create storylines and characters that speak to a wide variety of demographics. Regardless of if the film is made for kids, teens or adults, the animated feature is enjoyable because it is a moving work of art that makes the inanimate animate and the impossible possible.

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